Empire Season 3 Episode 3 Review: What Remains Is Bestial

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Let the games begin!

Lucious Lyon is a force to be reckoned with; he will stop at nothing to get whatever he wants. I was shocked at the opening seconds of Empire Season 3 Episode 3 as this is on broadcast television, but they have pushed the boundaries before.

There were some really great moments, but they unfortunately were overshadowed. Mariah Carey was the star of an otherwise okay installment.

Trying to Perform - Empire

Did anyone else want to knock some sense into Hakeem for the way he was treating Tiana? As if she was an object by saying that she is "his girl."

I will say that it is about time that someone told Hakeem that he needed to start acting like an adult, and growing up. Unfortunately, it was Lucious who could use a whole lot of growing up himself. Going after that young rapper wannabe and offering him a recording contract just to get under Angelo's skin was selfish. He wants Cookie right under his radar, and it's unsettling.

Nothing could have been more uncomfortable than Shyne treating Nessa like garbage as he choked her out in the studio. I've said this before, but Shyne serves no purpose than being Lucious 'pet.'

Anika is kind of growing on me, as she is finding out what pushes Lucious buttons. When she did want to be the wife of Mr. Lucious Lyons she was boring. I'm glad that she stood up to Lucious and told him that she didn't need this marriage. It's nice to see Lucious squirm the way he did when she threatened him.

Boy don't you question how I make my black girl magic happen. I'm gonna cure you of this PTSD.


Angelo is making his presence known on Empire Season 3 as he tells Cookie that he doesn't appreciate Lucious offering a contract to one of his students. I'm so glad that Cookie killed Lucious' plan before it was too late.

Cookie is her own person and Lucious shouldn't be controlling who she decides to see. Under rough circumstances, he chose Anika. Whether the marriage is a sham or not, he lost all of Cookie's respect.

I'm tired of Jamal acting like the world owe's him something. Instead of being a man, and dealing with his PTSD he is resorting to pills to mask the pain. Jamal already admitted to his problem, but now he isn't doing anything to help himself. He should be wanting to participate in these meetings. He should want to talk about what happened that night. It's the only thing that is going to help him get through it.

I'm glad that Lucious was tired of the way that his son's were acting, and decided that he needed to take them back to where they came from. They're all caught up in this world that they forgot who they are and where they come from. Lucious was trying to talk some sense into them when he took them back to the streets.

Jamal's scenes with Freda felt very real! I think he is suffering more than he may realize, and it's sad to see him go through it alone. He needs to tell someone that he is self-medicating, because they can help him. Cookie especially! She loves her son's, and she would do anything for them.

I'm a CFO of a public corporation. I'm not going to fight fire with fire.


His duet with Kitty was magical. I was hypnotized as they performed together. Who else laughed when Lucious said to Cookie that Jamal was high? He knew right away, Cookie didn't want to believe it.

Lucious went behind Jamal's back and released his album!! I knew that Lucious wouldn't stick to his word, as he has been dying to release this album for quite some time! Cookie got it right! Lucious is all about business! He's about making money, and producing records.

You are one moment away from becoming a hashtag.


Speaking of producing records; Lucious wants full control over Empire from Cookie, and he is willing to go to war to do so!

Andre has gotten the raw end of the deal here. So far, he has lost his wife, gotten beaten badly by the police, and now he is facing charges for assaulting a police officer. What more could you ask for? How about finding out that your FBI agent of an Uncle is behind the fact that he is facing such heinous charges!

It was about time that Tariq was going to do something to Lucious family to get under his skin, and using Andre was the perfect way, because right now he is vulnerable.

That boy is headed for a world of trouble.


Other Thoughts:

  • Angelo is up to something, and I feel that he is using Cookie to his advantage.
  • How long before Jamal asks for Help? Do you think that he is going to hit rock bottom soon or will it be a season-long arc?
  • Who else wants more of Lucious Mama, Leah Walker? They spent so much time last season building this character up and so far she hasn't had that much of an impact this season.
  • What is Tariq's next move? He has Andre backed into a corner; Do you think that Andre will betray his dad and become and informant for Tariq?
  • Are you guys excited to see the war that is brewing between Lucious and Cookie? I know I for one can't wait to see the battle.

What did you guys think of "What Remains is Bestial"? How was Mariah Carey in her debut as Kitty? Do you think that Andre will become an informant? What is Tariq's next move? Will Anika have as much freedom as she is demanding?

Remember you can watch Empire online at TV Fanatic if you missed the episode or love the show so much that you want to watch again!

What Remains Is Bestial Review

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Empire Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm a CFO of a public corporation. I'm not going to fight fire with fire.


Keep putting your back into that work of yours.