Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 6 Review: Roar

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It takes one mistake to change your life and the lives of the people around you forever.

Alex's split-second decision to beat up Andrew has resulted in felony charges and his career on the line.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 6, Miranda was forced to reevaluate Alex's place at the hospital, and Amelia disclosed a heartbreaking secret.

Feeling Pressured - Grey's Anatomy

It's very rare when the patient storylines keep me equally as invested as the main storylines surrounding the leads. In this case, both of the patient narratives wonderfully tied into the ongoing issues the doctors are facing.

A father's road rage came at the expense of his son's life. There wasn't any surprise factor to the son having a brain bleed, but his death was still sad, and I doubt his parents' marriage will last long after this. 

The father's decision to lose himself to anger destroyed everyone's life around him that he loved. Even though Alex had nothing to do with this case, I still felt like his storyline could connect.

Thankfully Andrew lived through Alex's attack, but the results could have gone differently. Alex knows he's lucky Andrew is okay, but he still has to deal with the ramifications of his actions.

Despite pressure from Catherine to reconsider letting Alex go, Miranda stood by him. He didn't make it easy by losing his temper, but Miranda is smart enough to recognize how dedicated Alex is to his patients.

Speaking of which, Veronica's lose-lose medical case had me all emotionally choked up. Not only was she told she had cancer that would surely kill her, but was also recommended to terminate her pregnancy so her time left could be expanded.

Jeremy's there, and he's the best dad. I picture that, and all this crap is worth something... happy ending. I die, but there's something good still. There's something good to see. I picture your way, and everything goes black. There's nothing, only death. If this is the only chance that my baby has to survive, I am not looking for a guarantee, I'm looking for a chance.


Excuse me while I grab the tissues! Veronica's decision to follow through with the pregnancy was beautiful and tragic. Even though she wouldn't be around to be a mother to her child, she was already acting like one and putting her child's life before her own.

Alex helped to deliver the worst news of this woman's life, but he did so because he's dedicated to his work. If he hadn't mentioned anything about her rash at the courthouse, she could have died sooner and lost the baby. 

While we all want Alex to return to his former glory as a surgeon, I'm not going to lie and say it hasn't been great getting reacquainted with the clinic. Hopefully we see more of it, even when Alex inevitably returns to the O.R.

Grey's Anatomy is rarely subtle when it comes to storytelling, but that doesn't mean it can't hit you right in the feels. Case in point... Amelia breakdown in front of Alex.

Amelia is talkative, sarcastic, and one hell of a complicated woman. Her revelation to Alex about the loss of her baby was a devastating scene, but long-awaited for those of us who watched Amelia on go through that painful experience on Private Practice Season 5 Episode 22

I still remember crying as she held her son for that brief period of time. That kind of trauma never leaves you, and Amelia seemed stunned at just how much her son's death is still weighing heavily on her.

I took a pregnancy test last night. I thought I might... and as I sat there waiting for the result I just watched him get more and more excited. He wanted it so badly, and the longer I sat there the more I felt like I was dying. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. And when that stick was negative, Owen's heart broke, and I was so relieved. I could breathe again. See... now look me in the eye and tell me that he won't hate me.


Amelia's relief at not being pregnant makes a lot more sense when you have the context of her past experiences. While I think it's great she opened to someone, the person she needs to share this with his her husband.

Of course Owen wants a family, but he's also not going to fault Amelia for her hesitation. While a weight was lifted by the negative pregnancy test, that doesn't mean she'll continue to feel this way.

Owen is a good man. If Amelia opens up to him, I would like to think he would want to help her and be there for her as much as he could. 

Stray Thoughts and Questions

  • Catherine's desire to overhaul the residency program seems ominous. 
  • Why was Arizona acting so weird around Leah? Sure they hooked up, but how many years have passed now? You don't see Alex freaking out about her return.
  • If the writers are trying to push an Andrew/Jo romance on us, then I am not on board. Andrew telling Jo she deserved better was very sweet, but there's nothing compelling yet between them. 
  • April and Jackson both checking the baby car seat was incredibly cute.
  • Not going to lie, I had to really think to remember Leah's storyline. Hopefully she'll be more memorable this time around.
  • Is it a bad sign when the few moments of screen time Meredith had made me groan?

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Roar Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

When I tell you to know your place, know your damn place.


Amelia: Owen, there's nothing to talk about.
Owen: But you love to talk, and you're not talking about this at all.