iZombie Season 3: Jason Dohring Joins Cast!

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Jason Dohring is going back to work for his friend, Rob Thomas!

That's right, he's joining the cast of iZombie.

If you recall, Dohring was part of The CW's Veronica Mars, which was also a Rob Thomas TV series. 

Jason Dohring iZombie

He portrayed Logan Echolls.

He was the guy who we witnessed becoming a genuinely nice person and striking up a relationship with the elusive Veronica Mars. 

Mars may have been a social pariah, but at least he had some eye candy on her arm. 

Dohring stayed with Veronica Mars until it was canceled after Season 3. 

He returned to the role years later, in the form of a movie that was funded by the fans of the TV series. 

Veronica Mars Cast Pic

This sort of proved that nothing is impossible when fans put their minds to it. 

Details are sketchy on whether we'll get to see another iteration of Veronica Mars down the line, but at least the cast are keeping pretty busy. 

Dohring most recently appeared on The Originals, but he was not given much to work with. 

He was compelled by the vampires of New Orleans several times and served as a great confidante for Cami. 

We're hearing that Dohring will play Chase Graves, the brother-in-law of Vivian Stoll. 

Liv Investigates - iZombie

He will be part of the series on a recurring basis, so there's hope we'll get to see him more regularly. 

How great would it be if Kristen Belle managed to appear on the show?

We need to see Veronica and Logan at least one more time!

Logan & Veronica

iZombie will return to the CW in early 2017 after being left off of the Fall schedule. 

Remember you can watch iZombie online if you want to get caught up on all of the drama. 

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