Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 4 Review: There Goes the Neighborhood

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OMG, you guys. This show.

Despite all the fun that happened on Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 4, things got a little tense between our two favorite detectives. 

So bad, in fact, that they had to go through a bit of couples therapy. The great thing about guys, though, is they don't hold grudges, and, soon enough, the best bromance on TV was back and better than ever.

Reunited - Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 4

Riggs may be "crazier than a sack of cats" most of the time, but Murtaugh showed he has a little bit of crazy running through him, too.

He moved out of his old neighborhood to get away from the crime, so he was more than a little disturbed when a string of robberies was taking place near his home. Those types of things weren't supposed to happen where he lived.

The case was personal to him.

He was almost a little arrogant about it. At least when he ribbed Riggs about not knowing what living in a community was all about. As if Riggs didn't have a life before the LAPD.

Murtaugh: Yes, it is personal. You wouldn't understand. You don't live in any kind of community. You're a sand hobo.
Riggs: A sand hobo? As opposed to what? A regular hobo?
Murtaugh: Your neighbors are seals.

For some reason, Murtaugh forgot everything about Riggs' past, and it was okay. People shouldn't have to walk on eggshells around him all the time. Besides, putting Riggs' past aside allowed the characters to further develop their bond outside of the tragedy.

And, while there was some very fun action, the more subdued hour also helped in this regard. It was more of a character hour than an action hour.

Though, that bathroom scene was to die for. It was the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. Riggs' head stuck in the Black Hulk's thighs, and Murtaugh sliding across the floor. I'm smiling just thinking about it.

But, while I tried really hard not to, I also shed some tears. What is it about this show and the feels?

It was difficult to watch Murtaugh deal with Riggs after finding out about him picking up RJ. I understand being protective of your kids, but there was an extra dimension to Murtaugh's fear. RJ and Marcus were pulled over by a white cop, and all sorts of things could have happened.

Murtaugh: Two black teenagers, one of them my son, pulled over by a uni I don't know. Do you have any idea how bad that could've gone? No. Because, you have nothing to love in this world except yourself.
Riggs: Nice. And you wonder why your kids won't talk to you.

All you have to do is pick up the newspaper to know what those things could be. It was fortunate it was a clean stop, but Murtaugh's anger was understandable.

Still, Riggs didn't mean any harm doing what he did. He only wanted to help RJ, and I thought it was admirable that he told the kid to be upfront with his parents about what happened. Trish didn't seem to think it was a big deal that Riggs picked up RJ, but Murtaugh wasn't having any of it.

I was surprised at how cruel Murtaugh actually was about it. He had every right to be angry, but he didn't need to be mean. The whole department heard his words. And his punch. 

Riggs was really hurt by both his words and actions, which made the ending even more poignant. But, I think maybe Murtaugh was hurt by it all, too. Maybe he felt betrayed?

Still, I think Riggs was the more cool, calm, and collected this hour. Did anyone else think that?

How great was it that Captain Avery couldn't stand them being mad at each other? You'd think he'd take advantage of the opportunity and reassign his two biggest troublemakers. It says a lot that he sent them to therapy instead. He knows what works. Good for him.

Avery: You know, as much as I enjoy you both sitting there with your mouths shut, you two need to bury the hatchet. And, I can't believe I'm saying this: get back to being your usual pain in the ass selves.

Dr. Cahill also knows what works. I loved how she interpreted what the two were trying to say to each other. Just like a mom trying to fix a fight between two of her kids. 

I think Riggs is going to be able to use this session as a stepping stone for other personal sessions with Dr. Cahill. If he can express his feelings so easily here, maybe he'll be able to open up more easily about Miranda. Maybe.

Riggs almost lost his adopted family this hour, and it affected him deeply. Even in the barbershop, while it was all fun, I don't think he was sure exactly where he stood with Murtaugh. That is, until Murtaugh said those magic words.

The look on Riggs' face was worth a thousand words when he heard what Murtaugh said. And his heart probably exploded into a thousand tiny hearts. I know mine did. He has his family back, and that's all that matters.

He's...he's like family.


Other Thoughts:

  • Is there romance brewing between Riggs and Dr. Cahill? That beach scene, people. I think she was shaking her butt a little for Riggs. While I like the idea of it, please don't. Not yet.
  • Riggs feeding the baby. He would have been such a great dad.
  • Rajon and the rolling "R's." Hilarious.
  • The look on Riggs' face when he came up on the elevator and saw Murtaugh and fam, and the look on Murtaugh's face when he saw Riggs go back down. Tears.
  • Congrats to the Lethal Weapon team for getting a full season order from Fox. Definitely deserved!

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There Goes the Neighborhood Review

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