Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Weaponizer

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The choices we make and how we deal with them seemed to be a central theme on Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5, as Chloe decided to move on with her life after a serious car accident and Lucifer decided to take the life of his brother in order to protect both Chloe and his mum.

Talking Not Fighting - Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5

Lucifer really didn't want to do what he did, but he really had no choice. Uriel didn't come to L.A. to enact God's wishes. He didn't even come to L.A. to enact what he thought were God's wishes. He came to L.A. to enact his own wishes, to do what he thought was best for him and God.

But no one really knows what God's wishes are, because God isn't talking to anyone. And that's the conundrum for Lucifer. And, because of God's non responsiveness, it caused Lucifer to kill his brother, something that surprised him and something he immediately regretted.

What are the consequences of those actions going to be?

It was heart wrenching when Lucifer came back to the penthouse and fell into his mother's arms. The look on his face was one of shock and horror at what he had just done. Who better to seek comfort from than his mother.

Charlotte will forgive him, but will Dad? It's something that Lucifer may never find out. And it most definitely is going to drive his actions going forward. Will dad punish him for what he did? Is he always going to be looking over his shoulder waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Did he make the right choice? Could there have been another way to handle his over-zealous brother? 

He did try to come up with all sorts of solutions to the problem even though none of them worked. And, in the end he had to protect what he had to protect. 

Protecting Chloe was a no-brainer. It was more surprising how willing he was to protect mom. 

I liked that Charlotte was willing to go back to hell for Lucifer to end the whatever (I can't call it wrath) of Uriel. But as we know taking Charlotte back to hell was never Uriel's plan.

We can't control what happens to us only how it affects us and the choices we make.


I wasn't really impressed with Uriel, and I'm glad he only lasted one episode. I guess I was expecting more, but he wasn't very formidable, no matter how beautiful his wings were. Sure he knocked Amenadiel around, and Lucifer too, but he really was a whiny little baby. He was more annoying than anything.

But he served his purpose, even if that purpose was to make Lucifer's life miserable for the short and long term. 

The case of the week while rather bland provided for some humorous  moments.

I really liked how Dan and Lucifer bonded over the action movies. They were quite adorable just like Chloe said. Could Lucifer and Dan be headed for a bromance? That would be kind of cool, wouldn't it? 

It's much more than that, Detective. It's a chance to escape your reality for a moment. Some people need that.


But, I don't really see it happening. Despite their common interest in action movies, their common interest in Chloe is going to hold them back.

I almost fell over when Ella said they needed to get a room. Right in front of Dan! Dan was just as surprised as I was, and Ella knew immediately she had made a mistake. It was quite funny.

Ella is really fitting in for me as part of the team, much more than she was at the very beginning of the season. Lucifer is really getting into her to. It was funny when he thought she was coming on to him.

I couldn't believe he was willing to jump in bed with her on a whim with Chloe right there. It took Ella by surprise and at first I thought she seriously was going to do it. 

I hope it never happens though, because it will definitely change the dynamic of the team. But, I don't think it will ever happen.

I love the little doses we get of Charlotte every week. It's just enough to let us know what's going on without overwhelming us with her presence. It was funny how she tried to deal with her misbehaving kid. Did she turn the kid into a dog, or was the kid just barking because he was being a little brat?

I didn't catch how that happened. 

Chloe is way too logical for me these days. I don't get how she can be so clear in thought about choices and fate and all that, yet still not believe Lucifer is Lucifer. She has to know there's something about him. She has to have a feeling.

I actually thought when she was talking down the action movie guy that she was going to reveal who or what she really is, if she's actually anything celestial or otherwise. 

It was just something in the way she told Lucifer to back down.  Did anyone else get that feeling?

Amenadiel finally admitted to Lucifer about losing his powers. Lucifer's reaction wasn't what I expected, but it was interesting that Amenadiel likened it to him having fallen like his brother.  The only problem with that way of thinking is that Lucifer never lost his powers.

So what has caused Amenadiel to lose his powers? He ticked off a number of reasons, including the return of Mum, which is who I think caused it. Mum may be all family-oriented right now, but I still think she's got some underlying plan in place. How could she have been locked up for years and not be pissed off?  Thoughts?

One final note, even though she didn't win, I loved how Maze came to Lucifer's rescue. She should have kicked Uriel's butt, but it does make you wonder if all them have reduced powers now. The more "human" they become, the less powerful they are. 

What did you think of "Weaponizer"? Hit the comments and share your thoughts. If you missed any of the action, you can watch Lucifer online right here via TV Fanatic.

Weaponizer Review

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

It's much more than that, Detective. It's a chance to escape your reality for a moment. Some people need that.


You and Maze are like snow pants and elephants.You don't mix.