Michael Massee Dies: Prolific Television and Movie Actor was 61

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Rest in peace, Michael Massee.

Although he had a long and fruitful career in both movies and television, the beginning was enough to send a lesser man running for the exit.

Michael Massee

Massee's second credited role was as Funboy in the feature film The Crow opposite Brandon Lee.

It was into his hands the fateful, improperly loaded gun was put, out of which a live round was shot directly into Lee's stomach.

Lee died later that day in the hospital after an unsuccessful surgery. 

If all had gone well, the shot would have turned Lee's character into The Crow, and perhaps another type of movie history would have been made. It just wasn't meant to be.

Massee did take some time off from acting after the incident, and he never did see the completed film. He later admitted in a 2005 interview that he still suffered from nightmares over the incident, as it's not something you ever get over.

Thankfully, through sheer determination he decided to continue on with his craft, and it's because of that we have great memories from what he brought to us on TV.

Massee had a way with the more frightening characters and appeared very often as a nasty dude, including on Criminal Minds as Jacob Dawes, a prolific serial killer who had murdered at least 16 girls. 

Fringe MM

On Fringe, Massee played a freaky guy named Anson Carr who was using pheromones to create love. His mission, while it had disastrous results, was rather benign: to discover what love was like so the entire world could have it, too.

He also appeared on episodes of Supernatural, on the first season of 24 and was a blacklister named Karakut on The Blacklist.

But he was probably best known of late as Charles Hoyt aka the Surgeon on Rizzoli & Isles. 

Hoyt R&I

Although Massee only appeared on four episodes, his reign of terror was felt far beyond those hours.

Anytime someone came close to harming Jane Rizzoli, the question always became whether or not Hoyt was back and out to get her.

He enriched our lives with his many depictions of character over the last 20 years, that's for sure! 

Massee is survived by his wife, Ellen, and their two children.

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