No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

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No Tomorrow had a premiere that not only captured hearts, but provided a premise like no other show.

No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1 presents the idea of the apocalypse happening and relies on humor to push the story forward. Evie is not only adorable as she tries to figure out whether she can trust her dream guy, she's also relatable while figuring out her daily life.

The Apocalyst - No Tomorrow

The end of the world, or lack thereof, can't be avoided on the show, but which way do we want it to go?

That's my carpe diem beer.


Evie as a standalone character knocked it out of the park. She didn't dive right into this possible "end of the world" business, but she also didn't reject it.

I don't see myself believing that the world would end at all, but if I had to follow the journey of someone who did, I would choose Evie every time.

She is sweet and realistically dorky, and both traits make her decisions that much more interesting to watch.

Her relationship with her ex was clearly doomed from the start, so it didn't make sense why he had to be introduced in the long wrong. Timothy has a quality that adds something to the premiere, but his relationship with Evie was practically nonexistent.

If he does continue to appear, I'm hoping it's with his own storyline instead of piggybacking off of the past he shared with Evie.

It's like you live in a Sky Mall catalogue.


Xavier is the one who basically brings the crazy, or the exciting, into Evie's life but can he be trusted? 

At first he comes off as a guy who trusts this theory of his in a way that makes us all want to buy it, as well. But once the premiere continued, I started wondering how much he could actually be trusted. He does whatever he wants because the world is ending; something that can burn him badly at some point.

I want to like Xavier unconditionally, but I also don't know how this could end if the apocalypse doesn't happen. And even before we get to that, does Xavier really think this will happen?

I'm throwing a lot of pessimism into a show that's probably just meant to bring a new meaning to living your life like there's no tomorrow, but someone has to think ahead, and it looks like it won't be Xavier or Evie.

The apocalypse is nigh.


Another character that I found myself drawn to, this time in a more positive light, though, had to be Diedre. She wasn't exactly nice, yet it was a nice change against all the funny that the others brought to the table. 

Diedre's one quality that is meant to appeal to us is her unexpected lust for Hank, which I am all for.

Diedre and Hank are great in their own right, but this crush might bring even more humor, and it's definitely got my approval. 

Nothing says romance like trying to make sure you don't end up in a sexual harassment lawsuit at work.

I'd stop waxing definitely. Eyebrows, vagina, mustache.


If I had to ask for one thing to not make it's way into the rest of the season, it would have to be Evie's family. Their presence pushed Evie forward in making her own bucket list and trying to live life to the fullest, but it's tiring to deal with the same non-supportive family that we've seen before.

Her family loves her, but the way they go about it didn't sit well with me. Here is a 30-year-old woman who just wants to live her life in a way that makes her happy, only to be told that it's time for her to get married and pop out kids.

This is all too familiar when it comes to lead female characters, yet I kept hoping it would be different this time around. There's more to life than just getting into a relationship so you could start having kids, and I'm glad Evie proved that.

Not once during the premiere did we see her thinking about how she needs to start worrying about her future in the way society expects her to. She brushed it away and continued to do what her heart wanted.

An asteroids not going to destroy the world, the Russians are.


It didn't make sense for her to go back to Xavier this quickly after what he did; maybe a near death experience can do that to you?

Either way, she needs him to accomplish all the things she's adding to her bucket list, and he's already roped her into some crazy scheme, so maybe this random decision is paying off already.

Are you all about Xavier, or do you think the dude has something up his sleeve?

What did you think of the premiere episode? Will you continue to watch and if so, what do you hope to see? Who is your favorite character, and who could you do without? Let us know what you think below!

And if you aren't sure what you think yet, watch No Tomorrow online again right here on TV Fanatic before next week's new episode! 

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It's like you live in a Sky Mall catalogue.


That's my carpe diem beer.