No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 2 Review: No Crying in Baseball

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No Tomorrow continued on its path to make Evie stop playing it safe, and the other characters might make it all worth watching.

No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 2 had Evie and Xavier trying to figure out their relationship after they realized that they didn't view Jesse's escape from prison the same way. Meanwhile Deirdre is focused on winning over an unknowing Hank, and Timothy is trying his best to be the man that Evie now wants.

Hitting a Snag - No Tomorrow

The episode felt a bit bland in certain parts, but it's the parts that are front and center which could prove to be a problem. 

Officer please you're making a big mistake.


Did anyone else think that Xavier and Jesse looked like the same person? 

Xavier is the lead character but he isn't growing on me, in fact he is moving farther and father from me. I can't seem to care about him and his sad back story wasn't helping.

His mother told him to live every day to the fullest, but that doesn't make his apocalypse concept realistic, and it doesn't make him captivating enough.

Xavier isn't a solid character, and his mysterious demeanor takes more away, we have to know something about him or else we can't get invested in his story.

This lacking portion bleeds over into his relationship with Evie which is becoming bland at best. They don't agree on so many things that it's a shock that they made it this far. They fight every week, which isn't always a bad thing for a couple, but when it's essential stuff, it might blow up in their faces.

I don't want to bring this up again, but what if this apocalypse doesn't happen? Those two are working and coming back to one another because of their belief that the world is ending. Once that is out of the equation, those two will be doomed.

Those cornrows are the only thing I'm guilty of.


The other characters, including Hank and Deirdre, are slowly stealing the show for me. 

Deirdre is quickly becoming my favorite, she's unapologetic and her weirdly normal interest in Hank is a great contrast against Xavier and Evie.

Deirdre learning how to be nice is entertaining, and I find myself rooting for Hank to piece everything together just to see what that banter would be like once he was actually in the know. 

Evie helping Deirdre when it comes to romance is even more hilarious, those two have an unlikely friendship I am hoping to see continue, too.

He once broke his collarbone trying to step out of his briefs.

Mary Anne

Now, I wasn't particularly sure what I felt about Timothy, but Hank and him trying to change his style won me over. Timothy is timid, but he cares for Evie, and he's a wonderful addition to the background of Evie's life.

It would be nice to see him outside of that 'Evie's ex' shadow because it's not like he will actually win her over at this point. Before I would think it made sense, but the Xavier alternative isn't all that appealing. Maybe while Evie explores her journey with Xavier, Timothy might step out of his own comfort zone, too.

That doesn't mean he will be the man Evie wants, but it could mean he becomes more accepting of who he is outside of his past relationship. 

Eventually you and NASA and Twitter will catch up.


Evie's family seemed like a big one-off so their appearance was actually a pleasant surprise. It was nice to see Mary Anne and Evie trying to support their father, a dynamic character who was trying to be the best at his job.

The best part of Evie's family being around again was the way her sister reacted to her new feelings for Xavier. Before she was focused on convincing Evie that she needed to get married and become a mother, now she is just happy that her sister is excited about someone.

All in all, the main message comes across very clear; live each day with meaning. That doesn't get us overly invested in the couple that's trying to prove this to us, but it still has the right tone, and the addition of humor makes the set up worth watching.

What are your thoughts on Xavier and Evie? Are they the dreamy leading couple you were hoping for? 

How about Deirdre and Hank? Do those lovebirds stand a chance, or will Hank's love for his new chair cloud his boss feelings for him? Which character do you want to see more of and what activity do you want to see Evie take on in the next episode?

You can always watch No Tomorrow online on TV Fanatic if you want to refresh your memory or are just in the mood for something heartwarming. 

No Crying in Baseball Review

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