Once Upon a Time Round Table: Goodbye, Mr. Hyde

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Come back, Mr. Hyde!

Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 4 gave us an ending to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, with both characters making an exit.

It was an episode filled with additional twists, as we learned that the only definite way to kill the Evil Queen is if Regina dies, leaving us wondering if this will play into Emma's vision from the Oracle. Could Regina be the hooded figure who kills the Savior?

Elsewhere, Mary Margaret went back to teaching, getting a little help from her new friend, Princess Jasmine. David shared some fatherly hesitation about Emma and Killian moving in together, and Belle found herself trapped on the Jolly Roger because of a spell, courtesy of Gold.

Are you Team Rumple or Team Belle? Will you miss Jekyll and Hyde? Is Killian and Belle's new bromance enjoyable?

Join TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Robin Harry, Caralynn Lippo, and Steve Ford, along with Once Upon a Fan's Teresa Martin, as they discuss these questions and more!

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Are you sad to see Jekyll and Hyde go so quickly?

Teresa: Not as much as I thought I would be. I just enjoyed them in this episode so much and the performances were so intense, I was ok with them dying. They've served their purpose. Why prolong it? But I will miss the actors. I think they were fantastic. When Hyde revealed that he was madly in love with Mary to Rumple.....brilliant!

Allison: Nope, not at all. I was ridiculously bored during their flashback. The Evil Queen is a much better villain. 

Robin: Jekyll I can live without, but Hyde was an incredibly charismatic villain, and he intrigued me. I was sad to see him go so quickly. Seriously - we got almost half a season of the boring Snow Queen, and we keep getting annoying whiny Zelena, but we only get a few episodes with one of the most well-acted villains we've gotten so far.

Caralynn: I'm with Robin on this – didn't give a hoot about Jekyll, but Hyde was one of the most promising villains we've gotten in quite a while. Sam Witwer is a really talented actor and he had great chemistry with Lana Parrilla. I'm surprised that they've killed him off only 4 episodes into the season. I guess they're going to rotate in secondary antagonists while having the Evil Queen as the mainstay all season?

Steve: Not sad, but rather disappointed. Jekyll, I could take or leave, but Hyde was finally starting to grow on me as a villain and could have made a place for himself on this show as a main antagonist. I wish new characters would stick around more than a few episodes, especially one as intriguing as Hyde was.

First impressions of Princess Jasmine – and GO!

Teresa: I loved her. I thought she was cute. And the total pity on her face when Snow's lesson fell flat. We've all seen a teacher do that! Karen David was perfect casting and I think she is going to knock it out of the park next week when we get her story with Aladdin.

Allison: I miss Galavant so much. I'm already in love with her. I'm looking forward to learning more about why she was in the world of untold stories.

Robin: Gaaaa-laaaa-vaaaant!!! (That's exactly what I did when she showed up on screen). I think she was okay. Jasmine didn't blow me away, but she piqued my interest enough for me to want to see more. 

Caralynn: She was good! Nothing too extraordinary yet but I'm definitely intrigued to find out why she's keeping her identity a secret and what she and the Oracle are up to re: Aladdin.

Steve: This left me feeling a little flat. I've been waiting for these characters to get explored ever since they were teased in the premiere, but I much would have preferred seeing her in Agrabah. I think we'll be heading that way in the next couple of episodes though. 

After the events of this episode, and valid points made by both, which side do you fall on: Belle's or Gold's? 

Teresa: I fall on both sides. That is, I fall on Beauty and the Beast's side. At the center of that fairy tale is the transformation of the title characters. I wasn't too mad at either when they fought since both gave as good as they got and hit "below the belt." They are both to blame in their own ways for their current predicament. Gold is no angel, but Belle has shown, especially since the premiere, that neither is she.

Those vicious, verbal punches she's smacked Rumple with – especially the snark in reference to Gold's murdered son – have revealed her more than capable of delivering some seriously dark stuff. So I'm Team The Tale As Old As Time: transformation and reconciliation for both of them!

Allison: I'm going to be honest. I fast forwarded through their confrontation at the end. I made it to the part where Gold admitted to wanting the serum to get rid of his feelings for Belle, and then I couldn't make myself watch anymore. Gold had no right to trap Belle on the ship. Nothing he could say could make that okay.

Robin: Weirdly enough, this episode was a turning point for me with their relationship. Up till now I was completely bored, but their confrontation at the end actually fascinated me. I'm starting to like how messy these two are, and I'm starting to see the value in exploring a relationship that isn't a fairy tale. Also, I'm STILL rooting for that twist where Belle gives in to her malicious side.  

Caralynn: Can I say neither? I still LIKE the couple and would like to see them make it work, but I have a real hard time reconciling True Love with the way Rumple spoke to her on the dock. Telling her she'd love him again out of necessity was just as bad as locking her on the boat. I'd like to see them turn it around and get back to their roots but I honestly can't see how that'll happen when so much damage has been done on both sides. By again: would love to be proven wrong!!

Steve: I'm with Robin on this one. Up until this point, I wasn't all that invested in their relationship. Of course I always wanted them to flourish as a couple but the constant deceit, lying and manipulation from Rumple has just made it difficult to keep interest.

However, their words toward one another definitely gave me hope that a new direction can be brought into their story. Belle going evil and exploring her dark side would be interesting. I for one would love to see a Mrs. Dark One arc, but nothing like the missed opportunity of Emma becoming the Dark One. 

Because we now know that a sure way to kill the Evil Queen is Regina's death, do you think this will tie in with Emma's Oracle vision somehow? Are we headed toward a Savior vs. Regina fight?

Teresa: For sure. And that fight will be absolutely the best one ever. I can see it being the Evil Queen who ends up dead with some serious interference from Robin Hood operating in The Great Beyond (we know he's back for several episodes).

Another possibility – and I know it will be unpopular, but I see as probable – is that if this is the last season, maybe Regina really will sacrifice her life for Emma, and then she goes up to the Tavern In The Sky with Robin Hood. That could be what Page 23 was showing all along. It would also explain why The Author Isaac didn't know what it was.

Allison: Oh, it's definitely going to tie in. Two main characters each learning that they will have to die? There's no way that it is a coincidence. I hope it doesn't lead to a Emma versus Regina/Evil Queen fight if only because it's so obvious right now. Emma even thought Regina was the one she was fighting.

LISTEN TERESA, I DID NOT NEED THIS RIGHT NOW! I do love the theory, but gah, my heart is breaking right now at the thought of it. Dammit, I just imagined Henry seeing his mom dying. WHY?!

Robin: There's definitely a Regina/Emma fight coming, but why?  The Evil Queen mentioned knowing a secret that would tear Regina's relationships apart - will the fight have to do with that? I refuse to believe that OUAT would kill either of them off; Emma is the "Savior" and Lana Parrilla is easily the MVP of this show. Teresa, I had no idea that Robin Hood would be back. Ugh - he bored the daylights out of me. 

Caralynn: I firmly believe that all the suspicion around Regina/Evil Queen is a red herring and that there's some kind of greater evil that'll be beneath that hood. It really depends on when that confrontation takes place. If it's at the end of the season, as has been suggested, from a plot structure standpoint, there is NO WAY they would reveal who's under the hood this soon.

I also have an inkling that the Evil Queen will somehow be humanized/shown to have a softer side. The episode showed that Hyde had one (re: Mary) and OUAT just loooooves to humanize all of their Big Bads to some degree (except for Cruella).

Steve: Did I call it, or did I call it? I said Regina's death would be the only way to stop the Evil Queen back on the premiere episode. This will most definitely tie into Emma's vision and Regina will likely sacrifice herself somehow in order to prevent the Oracle vision from being fulfilled.

How are you feeling about Killian and Belle's new bromance?

Teresa: I have mixed feelings. I never bought their friendship because of how viciously violent he was with her – I think his smacking her unconscious was the most graphic onscreen violence Once has shown. Then we got the apology...but it was three years too late! It felt like it was breaking the 4th Wall.

Colin of course is adorable with anyone, as is Emilie, so they make the material they have work. I would prefer that Belle find another bestie like Ruby. Her episodes with her, as well as Ariel and Mulan were some of her strongest. 

Allison: I really love their relationship. It shows that people can change, and people can forgive. Yes, Killian did terrible things, but he is actively changing and making amends. Belle being friends with Killian shows that she can forgive people who have mistreated her, but they have to earn it. Belle could forgive Rumple if he would start being a decent person, consistently, and not just for show. 

Robin: Meh. Like Teresa said, Colin and Emilie are great on screen, but there are other people I'd rather watch Killian develop a friendship with, to be honest. 

Caralynn: I like it in theory, but it's too sudden and they're going way too hard with the "Look at all these great things Killian is doing!". I'm a big fan of his character, but like Teresa said, these apologies should have happened years ago. Ideally, the bromance would have been more gradual, but I am actually enjoying it so far. But if we have to see Killian save Belle from the villain-of-the-week every single episode this season, I'm gonna lose patience real fast.

Steve: I kind of like it. It sort of has a big brother/little sister vibe. Sure, they have some rough history, but I enjoyed their little moments together.

What was your favorite moment or quote from the episode?

Teresa: That's a hard one. There were so many. I suppose it goes to every scene with Jekyll, Hyde and Rumple. That trio acted the heck out of their scenes and left me in awe. 

Allison: I loved Killian giving Belle the conch. I've really grown to love their friendship, and it was cute seeing how much Killian cares about her.

Robin: This quote from Regina about Belle: "It's always out one prison and into another with her."  YES. THIS. Goodness gracious, how often can they make Belle helpless and hapless? Someone teach her some self defense, for crying out loud.

Caralynn: The conversation between Regina and Emma on the dock, when Regina made Emma make the same promise she'd made to Emma back in Camelot last season – that Emma would kill her if it came down to it. I think, in a lot of ways, Emma and Regina are two sides of the same coin. This conversation showed that and showed how far their friendship has come.

Steve: I was eating up RumBelle's words. My favorite quote had to be Rumple's remark to Belle that threats won't make her love him again, but necessity will. There's the Dark One we know and love!

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