Pitch Round Table: Hey Now, You're An All-Star!

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Ginny Baker is a social media darling and inspires so many great catch phrases and hashtags!

Joining the ranks of #Ginnsanity and #ImNext, Pitch Season 1 Episode 4 also gave us the oh so effective #PutHerInTheGame. I loved it! Of course fans had the final word and our girl made it to the All Star team!

TV Fanatics Christine Laskodi, Jim Garner, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, and Allison Nichols discuss our introduction to Mama Baker, the Sanders being the epitome of #RelationshipGoals, Mike not going down without a fight, Oscar's really unfortunate lackluster presence, and that adorable platonic (?)  Bawson phone call.

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We were finally introduced to Mama Baker. What did you think of her and her relationship with Ginny?

Christine: I feel like they need to communicate better. I think there's a lot of love between them, and that baseball has really affected their relationship. I hope they learn from this argument and move forward, because I'd like to see her come back under happier circumstances.

Jim: I agree with Christine on communication between them. They clearly love each other but they seemed to have lost knowing how to open up and trust one another. I do hope things improve. Also, where is her brother? He wasn't in any of the flashbacks, did they just write him out after the pilot?

Ashley: I wondered about the brother too! I think communication is definitely what they need, and hopefully that's something we'll see them be able to build on. What I like most is that this already gives so much more depth to Ginny's character, so I'm excited to see how that continues to develop.

Allison: Their scenes were heartbreaking, especially when we see how close they used to be. I'm so glad we are delving into Ginny's family life, and hopefully, the brother reappears soon! I'm curious as to what his relationship is like with his mom and sister.

Mike's body has been slowly giving out for some time and now a new catcher might be taking his spot. What do you think about this storyline? Will Mike go down without a fight?

Christine: I hope that this is the story that propels Mike and Ginny's friendship even further. He trained harder when he trained with her. Maybe she'll be able to help him compete with the young guys, and at the same time he'll mentor her even more. I can't see Mike going down without a good fight. Or broadcasting. He was pretty terrible at it, despite that face.

Jim: I suspect this is going to drive him alright. And, maybe broadcasting isn't his calling, but as Amelia said, most people aren't that good the first time, so I'm willing to bet he will try again. That being said, I'm going out on a limb and say he's going to end up going in a direction we haven't seen yet. Something like assistant coach, scout, or some other role where his knowledge of the game is most useful, but he doesn't need the body of a 20 year old.

Ashley: I think it's going to be interesting because I can see Ginny mentoring him in a way – she already inspires him so much. But no, he's definitely not going down without a fight. Jim's idea makes a lot of sense to me too. I think he'd make a great coach.

Allison: I'm excited to see this tension between Mike and the new guy. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the team reacts, and it will also make someone other than Ginny the topic of conversation in the locker room. Mike's definitely not going out without a fight. I'm hoping that we get to see more of Ginny and Mike's relationship develop and that we also see other members of the team stick up for Mike.

Did you think it was fair that Ginny got called to the All Star team ahead of veterans?

Christine: By the very rules of the All Star Game, it was TOTALLY fair. It's a favorites contest. If Ginny wasn't called up to the majors yet at the time of voting, but THAT many people campaigned for her, especially under her historic fictional circumstance, it seems pretty fair to me.

Jim: Agreed Christine, the fact that FANS pick first, then coaches and managers, means that the petition they mentioned that had three times the next person made it completely fair. And as Al said, "take the pity date, you never know where it leads"

Ashley: I mean, I can see why it made her uncomfortable, but yes, it was definitely the right choice since it's what the fans wanted.

Allison: It was definitely fair, but yeah, like Ashley said, I can see why Ginny wasn't comfortable with it.

Blip and Evelyn are usually come across as the perfect couple. What did you think about their argument? Was it interesting hearing the perspective of a baseball player's wife?

Christine: I still think they're the perfect couple. She didn't back down from her argument. She was straight with him. She told him exactly what she didn't like, and she didn't hide her feelings. They argued, made up, and moved on. That seems pretty #relationshipgoals to me!

Jim: OMG what a great example of a real relationship. They argued, she still cheered for him from the hotel and he showed back up to surprise her and then they made up. as Christine said above #relationshipgoals achieved!

Ashley: Yeah, I agree. Perfect couples argue, but in the end, they still support each other. I thought this was great, and it was so interesting to see what kinds of struggles they have. It's not an easy position to be in, that's for sure.

Allison: I really loved that we got to spend more time with them. Evelyn is starting to become one of my favorite characters. Through Ginny and her family, we get to see what becoming a major league ballplayer takes, and how it affects family life. Through Evelyn and Blip, we see how the job affects a marriage. I definitely still think they are an example of #relationshipgoals.

While trying to persuade Duarte to join the team, Oscar revealed a little bit about himself and his history with Al. Thoughts?

Christine: I really appreciated the connection he made with Duarte, and that Al was the one who gave him a shot when no one else would, but it just isn't enough to keep me interested in an Oscar story. There's just something about his character that I don't think fits with the rest of the show. I find his scenes to be pretty boring, honestly. Maybe if we saw more of that Al and Oscar connection, I'd appreciate it more.

Jim: I was kind of sad that the doll head turned into such a trope! Starting from when they showed the one on his desk with the assistant talking to it, and then him buying a doll and cutting the hair off (that was freaking creepy), just to be a prop of him throwing it and saying "you caught that because we were both poor kids". Talk about a "meh" story arc. The ONLY redeeming quality of that entire story arc was the honesty he showed in talking to Duarte after the doll head trope had run its course. Show more of that Oscar and it might be worth following.

Ashley: I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't all that interested in Oscar at this point. I did kind of like the connection he make to Duarte, and I thought the doll head was interesting (and yes, freaking creepy), but so far I'm much more interested in the other characters.

Allison: While I don't dislike Oscar, I don't find him captivating enough to follow around on his own storyline. There are just too many other characters I'd rather be focusing on.

What was your favorite quote or scene from The Break?

Christine: I loved that entire dinner sequence with Mrs. Baker and Kevin and Amelia and Mike...and poor Ginny! She ended up being an angry fifth wheel! But I really enjoyed watching Mike and Amelia try their best to distract everyone, unsuccessfully. It was awkwardly hilarious.

Jim: I loved the conversation on the phone with Mike and Ginny at the end. His teasing her about the ball just now coming down and causing him not to hear him was spot on for the growing mentorship they have. I really hope we get to see their friendship grow without being romantic, I like Amelia and Mike together.

Ashley: I have to echo Jim here. Their phone call at the end was such a nice moment, and I agree I hope their friendship grows but doesn't turn into anything more.

Allison: I absolutely loved the phone call between Mike and Ginny. I need more of them being adorable friends in my life. I also really enjoyed Evelyn and Blip. If I had to pick a favorite scene of theirs, it would be their conversation in bed once Blip returns from the All Star Game.

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