Quantico Round Table: Which Career Would You Choose?

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 2, the terrorist situation unfolding in New York took an unexpected turn - Miranda's one of the terrorists!! Or was it all a fake out? It wouldn't be the first time that Quantico ripped the rug from under us.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson, Jay Ruymann, Meaghan Frey, and Allison Nichols put themselves in Diana's shoes, discuss their theories on Miranda's involvement, and share whether or not this episode changed their view on Quan2co.

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Miranda’s one of the terrorists. React.

Jasmine: I don't buy it, and not just because implying that she's the terrorist is redundant. I think the most likely scenario here is that she has someone undercover in the terrorist operation. Maybe it's someone from last season. Who's left? Caleb?

Jay: I'm not sure what to think. I don't want to believe that she would, especially after Liam's betrayal. Also, it's Episode 2, and it's a little earlier to expose something this big. Perhaps she was contacting her inside man that is stuck with the terrorists, trying to take them down?

Meaghan: I'm with Jay and Jasmine. I think Miranda has a man on the inside. After all, they were sending Ryan and Alex in to try to track down the recruiter, so maybe they weren't the only two agents she sent in. If Miranda really is a terrorist, I will be disappointed. Not only because it's a repeat of Liam last year, but because it made more sense for her to be the terrorist last year, after what happened with her son, than this year.

Allison: I’m kinda hoping that she is, if only because it would mean we learned something right off the bat without a series of fake outs and guessing games. While I think Meaghan’s theory makes sense, I really don’t want to repeat last season with fake out after fake out.

The majority of this round table was underwhelmed by the premiere. Did this episode restore your faith in Quantico any?

Jasmine: Infinitesimally. It still feels a bit too repetitive for my liking so far, but it was definitely better than the premiere. I very much appreciated them fleshing out some of the new characters. Especially Harry!

Jay: I'm new to the round table, so I couldn't express my joy. I actually like this new season, and I hope they learned from the mistakes of Season 1.

Meaghan: As the minority opinion on the round table last week, I am happy to see others get on board with this season. The one major thing I'm not happy with coming out of this week is the Shelby jealousy storyline that seems to be going on. Why can't her and Alex just be normal besties? I wouldn't be surprised if Shelby ends up being one of the terrorists. You can tell she's itching for some action, and her frustration might leave her vulnerable to the terrorists' recruitment.

Allison: Definitely! It was infinitely better than the premiere. I’m hoping that this season starts to really separate itself from last season, and that it learns from its mistakes.

Are you excited that Nimah and Shelby are back in the fold as Ryan and Alex’s handlers?

Jasmine: I am. Shelby and Alex have always had a really great friendship, albeit rocky at times. Plus Nimah is a hard ass, and she's so unfazed by Ryan. I can see her being a really good handler for him.

Jay: Definitely. Nimah was missed. Sorry Raina, you just don't cut it for me alone. Shelby and Alex have been rocky, I hope they can pull it together.

Meaghan: I'm very happy to see Nimah back in action. I wonder where she is during flashforward part of the story. Now all we need is Caleb to resurface and all will be right again.

Allison: I’m so excited that Nimah’s back. I’ve missed her. I’m looking forward to watching Nimah and Ryan work together. Hopefully Shelby shines as a handler.

What do you make of Owen’s fascination of Ryan? Does this make Ryan’s undercover job easier or harder?

Jasmine: I don't know what to think of it, but I do find it intriguing. Honestly I find it interesting that both Owen and Lydia are fixated on Ryan and Alex. With that type of scrutiny both of their jobs are going to be a lot harder.

Jay: I'm not sure. Both in some ways.

Meaghan: It's seeming way too obvious right now that Owen and Lydia are the terrorist recruiters. I'm hoping they take things in a different direction than they seem to be going. In any case, it definitely makes his job harder.

Allison: I completely agree with Meaghan. I’m hoping that Quantico has another trick up their sleeves. As for Ryan, I think Owen’s fascination is a double-edged sword. It’s easier for Ryan to get close, but Owen will be watching him.

Ryan advised Diana to stick it out at the CIA. What would you do if you were in her shoes? Would you go back to your job as a lawyer or would you stay and see if you could hack it as a CIA operative?

Jasmine: I think she should stay because she hasn't exactly given it a real shot yet. She's been distracted. It's one thing if she was giving it her all and not hacking it, but she isn't. The lawyers of Quantico can never seem to leave their precious job behind.

Jay: We don't know much about her case yet, so I can't answer this. Depends on the importance of what she's so distracted by.

Meaghan: The CIA is a major life changing commitment. If she's not all in, then I think it's best for her to get out now while she can. If she can't separate herself from her former life, she is only going to end up putting herself and others in danger.

Allison: Diana really needs to take a look at her life and decide what’s important. If she truly loves being a lawyer, then go for that. If she feels like something is missing, then she should really give being a CIA operative a try. Meaghan makes a good point – if Diana can’t separate herself from her old life, then she’s doomed as a CIA operative.

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