Queen Sugar Round Table: Should Hollywood Get a Second Chance?

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It was another emotionally charged week for the Bordelons as Charley found out that Nova took her money, Ralph Angel asked for custody of Blue and Hollywood’s past came face to face with Vi on Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine, Lee, and Christine O. are here to debate Nova’s theft, who should have custody of Blue and whether or not Hollywood deserves a second chance...

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Was Charley correct to consider what Nova did stealing?

Jasmine: Yes. Not only did Nova not consult either one of her siblings about taking the money, but she didn't even tell them about it after she took it. Usually borrowing something is contingent on them knowing you're borrowing it. It also sucks that Nova hasn't exactly been putting any work into the farm herself. At the very least, don't take away from it.

Lee: I mean, if ten grand disappeared from my bank account, and no one had asked me if they could borrow it or promised to pay it back, I would definitely consider it stealing! (I would also be flat broke, but that's beside the point!)  Nova started out as one of my favorite characters on Queen Sugar, but lately, her cavalier behavior towards her family, in contrast with the effort she puts towards addressing other injustices, has really gotten on my nerves. All she had to do was ask Charley if she could borrow the money. Charley probably would have said no, and if she had, Nova probably would have taken the money anyways -- but at least there would have been a little more communication up front about it! 

Christine: Oh, it was definitely stealing. I couldn’t believe she didn’t go tell Charley about it, especially, as Charley pointed out, she gave her such crap about trying to help with their father’s funeral. I also didn’t hear anything about how she was going to pay Charley back. I still like Nova, but she can be quite the hypocrite.

Did Vi make the right call about keeping legal custody of Blue?

Jasmine: Absolutely! She just had to cover for Ralph Angel. He just narrowly escaped being thrown in jail again. She's the right person to have custody of him and she made a valid point. This way Ralph Angel still gets to see and basically take care of Blue anyway. My heart broke when Aunt Vi was talking about what it was like for Blue in his mother's custody!

Lee: Yes! Ralph Angel is definitely getting his life back on the right track, but he's not quite there yet. He's more adjacent to the track, waiting for the train to come so he can hop on! He needs some more time to find some stability, both financially and emotionally. Especially in light of the stolen goods in the shed, I definitely think Vi made the right call.

Christine: After the story she told? Oh goodness, yes! Ralph Angel needs to concentrate on getting through his parole. He should be thankful that he has Aunt Vi as a solid safety net for his son.  

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Does Hollywood deserve a second chance? Will Vi give it to him?

Jasmine: I think so. He's a good guy and he was trying to do the right thing. He just should have been honest about it, so that Vi not only had to deal with his lying but also being humiliated in front of her friends and family. I think in time she may give him another chance. I hope so. I love those two together.

Lee: I'm torn here. I think Hollywood keeping his wife a secret from Vi was a huge mistake, and I do not blame Vi for being furious with him. I would not blame her if she was unwilling to give him a second chance. But, when it comes down to it, she and Hollywood were really good for each other. I definitely want to see their love overcome this obstacle; the question is, will it?

Christine: Hollywood and Vi are so in love and so good together; that’s what makes his lies such a betrayal. Hollywood has a good heart but he made some really bad decisions in keeping this huge secret from Vi. He destroyed her trust in him and getting that back, if it’s even possible, won’t be easy. 

Which one of the Bordelon’s disappointed you in “No Uncertain Terms”?

Jasmine: It's a toss up between Nova and Charley, because Charley didn't handle Micah well the entire episode. But probably Nova. I love her, but my God she's frustrating. She didn't even seem apologetic. It wasn't genuine at all. I find it frustrating that she's so apart from the rest of her family when they need her most.

Lee: Well, Nova disappointed me with her self-righteous attitude and reluctance to apologize for taking the money, but Charley disappointed me with the way she treated Ralph Angel when he asked her to give him a paying job on the farm. I understand that Charley is going through the roughest of rough patches right now, and that she feels like everyone around her is taking advantage of her, but as Vi rightfully pointed out, who is going to help Ralph Angel get his act together if not his family?  

Christine: Charley is going through hell and Ralph Angel’s timing was poor, not that he had any way of knowing that; so I’m most disappointed in Nova. First she took the money, then she doubled down on that by not telling Charley and then she got defensive and threw the $3 million pay off in her face. That was just all kinds of wrong. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from "In No Uncertain Terms"?

Jasmine: Honestly, nearly every scene with Micah. He was so mature this episode. I really loved how he challenged Charley and Hollywood without being disrespectful, and how supportive he was of Aunt Vi. I also enjoyed how introspective he was while looking at the beautiful artwork.

Lee: My favorite scenes were all of the ones that involved Remy and Charley. That man has a way with words! I hope some of them got through to her and that she realizes how much she has going for her in Louisiana. 

Christine: Remy was just wonderful in this episode. As much as I loved it when he encouraged Charley not to let other people steal her joy, I liked it even more when he discussed how grief has it’s own time table. It’s not done with you until it’s done and there’s nothing you can do about it but make your way through. 

Check back in two weeks for our review of Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 8, and if you need to catch up on this amazing series, you can watch Queen Sugar online her at TV Fanatic. 

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