Rosewood Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Spirochete and Santeria

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So what do you do when someone tells you they know the exact time of their death?

That was the situation that perplexed Rosie and Villa on Rosewood Season 2 Episode 5.

A Perplexing Case - Rosewood

I need you to do an autopsy for me...on me. In 24hrs I'm going to be dead. Just take the money and solve my murder.


Upon first meeting Doug Russell, it was easy to assume the man was completely out of his mind. How can a guy just randomly show up to Magic City Lab, drop off a load of cash to prepay his autopsy, and tell Rosie someone would kill him soon?

The whole thing even had Rosie and Villa confused.

When Rosie and Villa eventually found Doug dead in the bakery, it didn't sit too well with either of them. Why would someone want to kill a successful baker who posed no harm to anyone?

Rosewood: We just want some insight on who would want to kill your husband.
Jillian: I killed him.

Well, according to his ex-wife Jillian, everyone wanted Doug dead, including herself. Heck, she even admitted to sacrificing Doug to Orisha.

All of Doug's associates painted a picture of Doug being a deranged business owner who only wanted things his way or else. In Jillian's mind, she had the powers that be to get rid of Doug all together through her connection to Orisha.

Jillian believed in sacrificing a soul to get what she wanted, and she wanted peace. Her only way of getting that wish was to get rid of Doug once and for all.

I called the powers of Orisha and I killed my ex-husband. Lots of people wanted him gone but none had the power to do it.


Everyone at Magic City Lab and Miami P.D. had difficulties understanding how Jillian was able to kill Doug with no scientific evidence. So, Rosie did what he does best. Thanks to Mitchie, he decided to run more lab tests on Doug's body to see what his true cause of death was.

Doug was injected with what we know as Mad Cow Disease. Now, what would anyone gain from killing Doug? His money. 

Doug was a lunatic who needed to be put out of his misery.


Hunter, a butcher who worked in the same vicinity as Doug, knew Doug was loaded with money. Hunter was also madly in love with Jillian.

He knew that Jillian would inherit all of Doug's fortune if something happened to him. It was just taking Doug a little bit longer to die than Hunter wanted, so he decided to take matters into his own hands by injecting Doug with the deadly disease.

The whole situation was just weird. To kill or sacrifice someone just because you're annoyed by their presence and want access to their hard earned money is down right evil.

It looks like you moisturize your hands with brown sugar and honey.


On a lighter note, it looks like both Villa and Rosie may have new love interests in their lives now. 

Tanya, played by former Destiny's Child member Letoya Luckett, seems to be a woman that'll definitely keep Rosie on his toes. During their date, you can tell she was relieved that Rosie didn't dismiss her when she revealed she had a daughter.

They even took things to the next level after their date. Something many fans have wanted Rosie and Villa do since the beginning of Rosewood.

Villa: You're just mad that he's not a member of your fan club.
Rosewood: Well he should be a member of my fan club because my members are legit!

Villa and the new Medical Examiner, Adrian may be hitting it off as well. Maybe Villa and Adrian will go out on a date, just to see where things could take them.

Things will get interesting with the new love interests once Adrian and Tanya realize how close Villa and Rosie actually are. After all, we're all rooting for Villa and Rosie to be together eventually, right?

What am I supposed to say about someone I don't even know.


We also got to see more of a softer side of Slade, and it took good ole Hornstock to bring it out. Slade was in the midst of planning is father's funeral, and he didn't know how to go about doing so.

It seems like Slade really didn't have a connection with his family, other than their fortune. We know Slade grow up in a group home, but why?

Hopefully, this will be sorted out sooner than later. I'm really interested in getting to know exactly who Slade truly is underneath that Captain title he loves.

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Spirochete and Santeria Review

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So is that your move? You just go around reading people's bodies?


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