Scorpion Season Premiere Review: A Divided Team

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Things are not going well for Walter and Toby.

On Scorpion Season 3 Episode 1 and Scorpion Season 3 Episode 2, we pick up roughly seven hours from where we left off. Toby's a wreck after his failed proposal, and Walter had decided to go tell Paige that he loved her.

Let's focus on Quintis first.

Ahoy, Mateys!

I loved that while Toby was still hurt and being, well, Toby about the whole secret husband situation, Quintis was still pretty much intact. There was bickering, but it wasn't as drama filled as the Tim/Paige/Walter drama.

Quintis gave us more lighthearted drama, if that makes sense. Yes, we had emotional breakdowns like Happy's speech about how she had given Toby her heart and soul, but then we also have Toby rescinding his proposal and sweeping up confetti.

I'm very intrigued by Happy's mystery husband for a couple reasons. The biggest one is the fact that even Walter knows that Toby will lose it when he realizes who Happy is married to. The second is that Happy stated that she never loved him.

I've given to you my heart and my soul, more than I've ever given to anyone. Now in your head, that may not add up to 100%, tough. The 1% is the price of admission to Happy Land that you have to pay. I am not an open book. Get used to it!


Do you think we're talking drunk in Vegas or that Happy had no choice in the matter? My vote is on the latter.

I'm actually excited to explore this mystery as the season progresses. My hope is that we learn about the circumstances surrounding Happy's marriage by midseason. Do you have any husband theories?

Time to discuss the Tim/Paige/Walter drama filled triangle.

Walter realizing that he loves Paige is a good moment of growth for him. Still, it's hard to be completely on board the Waige ship right now because of what Walter did.

He could have just shown up at Tahoe and given his romantic speech. For some reason that wasn't enough for Walter. He had to sabotage Tim and Paige's weekend by moving their rooms and shutting down the 24-hour diner.

I don't understand Walter's logic in this situation. Why was all of that necessary? Was he hoping to ensure Paige was having a bad time with Tim, so that she would be more willing to run off with Walter?

What's amazing is the sanest thing we'll do today is launch an enormous aluminum ball at a battleship.


It just doesn't make sense. All this did was create more tension between Walter and Paige, as well as Walter and Tim. Would you have blamed Tim if he punched Walter?

Cabe did make Walter stop his pursuit of Paige, at least for the moment. Cabe and Walter's relationship has always been a highlight of the show, so I'm glad that Cabe had a brutally honest talk with Walter.

Still, it felt like a quick fix. Walter gave up rather easily, and Tim seems to have taken Walter at his word and forgiven him. Here's hoping that Paige holds on to her anger for a little bit.

Now, I'm not saying this because I want Paige and Walter to not be together (admittedly, I do love Tim and Paige), but there needs to be ramifications for Walter's extremely childish behavior. You do not get to mess with someone's life like that and get off scot free.

In order for Walter to really grow, he needs to see the effects of his childish actions and understand why they were wrong. While I think he heard what Cabe said, I don't think Walter has really processed it and understood what Cabe meant. 

Cabe: It hurts me to tell you this, but you like facts, so here it is. She deserves more than what you're capable of giving her at this stage in your life.
Walter: I thought you cared for me.
Cabe: And that's why I'm telling you this. You're not fully formed yet. You're almost there, but you're half baked. And for you to try to go and try to win the love of a woman like Paige before you're ready is selfish and wrong, and it's not fair to her.

Overall, this was a great two-hour premiere. The extra hour allowed the case to be fully developed while still exploring two personal storylines. There wasn't anything that felt rushed.

It would have been nice to spend more time with June. Having her listen in to the Team Scorpion bickering was a lot of fun. After she left, the mission itself lost a little entertainment. It's always nice to have someone for Team Scorpion to connect with, and after June left, we started cycling through random people.

The mission definitely wasn't what kept me entertained throughout the two hours - it was the personal drama. Also, Sly being undercover with Tim and Cabe was pretty amusing. I think that storyline was my favorite part of the entire mission.

What did you think of the super sized premiere? Did everyone else just love watching Sly go undercover? Leave your thoughts and favorite moment in the comments below.

Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Be sure to tune in next week for Scorpion Season 3 Episode 3 at its new time, 10/9c. We're going into space, you guys!

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Scorpion Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Then try this, you can't spell hypothalamus without us.


Walter: I'm almost there. What do I say when I see her?
Toby: Poetry.

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