Supernatural Season 12 Episode 2 Review: Mamma Mia

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Who is Mr. Ketch?

The final moments of Supernatural Season 12 Episode 2 offered a glimpse of the presumably dangerous man called upon by Mick to help him and Toni get their “hands dirty” in dealing with the Winchesters and American hunters. And he looked to be packing up quite the assortment of weapons for his trip.

It was a decent tease, especially in not revealing what he looks like, leaving us only to imagine what type of foe Sam and Dean will be looking to face off with soon enough.

So far Supernatural Season 12 seems to be taking things slowly, offering a few bits and pieces of where the story might be headed. I’m still wary of what’s in store, but “Mamma Mia” offered a variety of moments to keep me on the hook.

And to a certain extent, many of my feelings about Supernatural Season 12 Episode 1 were again felt during this latest hour.

The most fascinating angle of the new season remains the return of Mary Winchester, especially in watching her with her two sons.

Sure, we got to see her be a bad ass and get into a fist-fueled fight with Toni, but it was the calmer moments that really stood out.

Dean talking to Castiel about how to talk to his mom or Sam earnestly visiting her in her room to tell her she “fills in the biggest blank” highlighted the brothers trying to deal with the new normal. It’s such a weird situation in general, especially because she’s still trying to figure things out, but amongst the awkwardness is the positivity surrounding the family dynamic.

You can tell that they care for each other. Dean and Sam even talk about family in separate conversations with their mother. And there’s that warmth that Mary brings when she’s around the boys that adds to the new dynamic.

It’s fascinating to watch, and a fresh aspect of the series, something that hasn’t been delved into, and I’m looking forward to more. Plus, getting family dinner moments or Mary talking about calling the internet is just fun to watch.

Though, I worry we’re going to get some tragic twist down the road…

I remain unimpressed by the British Men of Letters, though I’m glad Mick showed up to end Toni’s torture session. And did anyone actually believe Sam in bed with Toni was anything other than some type of dream or hallucination?

Though, I like that Mick explained a bit more as to what Toni’s actual mission was in regard to American hunters.

Still, with all the knowledge and experience that they have, they can’t just track down American hunters without Sam and Dean? I guess their plan is to stop all supernatural beings, etc., but I can’t help but feel like there has to be something more.

After all, what was with the comments about Ruby and Benny?

Perhaps when Mr. Ketch arrives we’ll get a better understanding of where things are really going for the British Men of Letters, and hopefully, a character that proves to be a worthy and engaging opponent for Sam and Dean.

Because while I wasn’t as enthused with the return of Lucifer, and was pretty skeptical of him taking a new vessel, actor Rick Springfield did seem to make Lucifer scary again.

His performance felt just a bit darker than what we’ve recently seen with the Mark Pellegrino version of Lucifer, but it was more reminiscent to when Pellegrino first played Lucifer back in Supernatural Season 5.

It made me much more on board with whatever Lucifer’s new plan is, even if he is keeping Rowena around. And how cool was it when Lucifer’s angel shadow appeared on the wall as he broke free from the spell?

This was a decent follow-up to the season premiere. Things may not be barreling full steam ahead yet, and I’m still waiting to get excited by the British Men of Letters, but there's something about not knowing fully what's in store that's keeping me engaged. I'm intrigued enough to want to keep going on this latest road.

What do you think of the British Men of Letters? Are you glad to see Lucifer back? Sound off below and make sure to watch Supernatural online now!

NOTE: Supernatural Season 12 Episode 3, "The Foundry," airs Oct. 27 at 9 p.m.

Mamma Mia Review

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