Timeless Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Atomic City

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Can we stop pretending the story on Timeless makes sense?

Timeless Season 1 Episode 3 sent the trio back into the past to prevent, what they thought to be, Flynn assassinating JFK a year early. Boy, would that have been an easier mess to clean up.

Mistress in Las Vegas - Timeless

Instead, Flynn got his hands on an atomic bomb, though why he needs such a bomb has yet to be seen.

Clearly he's not intent on completely destroying the timeline, and he has a bit of common sense.

He and Anthony buried the a-bomb in Vegas to return to the site in the future and dig it up. They didn't travel with it and risk the consequences of it exploding mid-trip.

What are they trying to do? Stop Rittenhouse, if that's what it's called, but who is that, and why? What do they have over Anthony, Flynn, future Lucy, and Mason Industries?

The saddest part of the episode definitely goes to Wyatt's attempt to leave a telegram for his wife to save her life, yet it still failed.

He doesn't believe in destiny, but it seems that it was her destiny to die, however horrible that may be. Surely he won't stop trying, but that's a problem in itself, isn't it?

Even though we're only three episodes in, Timeless has been so reckless with time and time-travel.

Every other series with time-travel, despite Legends of Tomorrow which also has major flaws, does not let go of the consequences of altering time and the repercussions one could face in the future.

We've seen that with Lucy's sister disappearing from existence, but the fact that the Hindenburg didn't go down was hardly an issue for those at Mason Industries or the agent that's helping investigate.

Nobody is concerned with changing time except for Lucy, and no one cares about the impacts that could have on the world. One change could mean the Nazis don't lose WWII, or it could even change which President was elected at a certain time and their actions change the future of the country.

While the issues with the storytelling and time-travel on this series are hard to get by, the sets and costumes are stunning.

Going back to different eras and experiencing the music, clothing, vehicles, and every aspect of that life is wonderful, and easily the best part of this series.

They have time to work out the kinks in their stories, so for now, at least they have the magnificent decor of the past to travel through, and the weight of history behind them.

History being the focus of the series, real history not a shifted make-believe version, is unique in itself.

It isn't people time-traveling for the hell of it; they're protecting history as it was written, though not very well, and the reenactments of these past events that many wish they could've been a part of, quite like Lucy, are interesting and inquisitive.

If the series stays on the current path with history being altered in each trip, there is hope that the writing will begin to tell the disastrous effects of changing history in a way that showcases the terrible nature of what they've done and doesn't just give the relieving feeling of the trio making it back to the present safely.

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Atomic City Review

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