Timeless Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Party at Castle Varlar

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Who would've thought Wyatt would be star struck by meeting a historical figure and Lucy wouldn't?

Timeless Season 1 Episode 4 took the trio back to a crucial time in Nazi Germany as they were prepping to launch a rocket created by Dr. Von Braun, who later was captured by the Allies and helped the United States get to the moon, first, and then win the Cold War.

Nazi Germany - Timeless

That's Ian Fleming! THE Ian Fleming! The dude that wrote James Bond!


The truly moving moment of the episode has to be Lucy's struggle.

She went from simple historian to time-traveling hero in a matter of hours, and she's inserting herself into the world's most dangerous situations. Can you imagine being in a room full of Nazis as an American, especially a future American?

If any past figure were to believe Lucy's story, she would be kidnapped and tortured to tell information that would change history to win in their favor. She holds the secrets to winning any war, or any crucial event.

Heck, she even knows peculiar history like the symbols in a Catholic gathering hall that indicated secret passages to sneak priests out when Catholicism was banned in Germany.

Still, Lucy holds the most respect as she's the only one actually attempting to protect history, good and bad.

Dude, James Bond just hit on Lucy.


Wyatt is so reckless with information and he threatens history in so many ways in any given episode. He has yet to understand that one simple change, one simple death, could rewrite history entirely and they'd return to a future with World War III, or worse.

If he had killed Von Braun, there's a good chance that the US could've lost the Cold War and another country would've been first to the moon.

It's his attraction to Lucy that compels him to listen to her sagely advice, but what happens when that fades, or when that isn't good enough?

He's only going to learn the consequences first-hand, and when he does, they'll be irreversible and he'll have the guilt of that change hanging over him, which Flynn can use to his advantage.

Hopefully, Rufus and Wyatt will start to take the consequences of their actions more seriously before they drastically change the future because of their stupidity, but that's only too good to be true.

Lucy: We should at least try to protect history.
Wyatt: Protect Nazis?
Lucy: No, I'm just saying, there is a bigger picture here.

Honestly, the Rittenhouse conspiracy is bland and already a terrible storyline.

Having Rufus be a spy is a yawn, especially because we know he'll be forgiven or change his mind again, despite the threat to his family.

Also, what is Rittenhouse? Why are Flynn and Anthony so intent on stopped this mysterious person or organization that they'd change the outcomes of wars and nations? They'd destroy the U.S. to destroy Rittenhouse.

Plus, there has to be a connection between all of these events and Rittenhouse, and that doesn't make any sense. What does the Hindenburg have to do with Abraham Lincoln?

This series wants to be good, it's struggling to be good, but their storytelling is already weary. The same crime-like procedural layout isn't working for time travel. Even those shows change things up. 

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Party at Castle Varlar Review

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Lucy: We should at least try to protect history.
Wyatt: Protect Nazis?
Lucy: No, I'm just saying, there is a bigger picture here.

Rufus: The US didn't have a working A-bomb until 1945. If Flynn gives one to the Nazis before the war is over...
Wyatt: The war is over.