Watch Chicago Med Online: Season 2 Episode 4

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How did the hospital deal with an infection that plagued pretty much all of the patients?

That was a key question on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 4 when the team had to reel Dr. Charles' daughter in to help them get to the root of it.

Meanwhile on this hit drama series, an elderly man was admitted for help, but there were tensions about what was the best course of action to treat him. 

Use the video above to watch Chicago Med online to get caught up with the latest drama.

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Nat: Okay, but when you say everybody...
Will: ED staff, ambulance drivers, EMTs. You know, the crazy guy out front who thinks he's Jesus.

Sharon: This is Robin Charles, the newest member of our epidemiology department. Top of her class, DuPont Scholar, and she just happens to be Dr. Charles' daughter.
Robin: What can I say? Nepotism is alive and well.