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How did the team react to the return of Emily Prentiss?

That was addressed on Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 3 when she returned into the fold to help solve the case of three missing women. 

Meanwhile on this hit drama series, JJ continued to struggle in the aftermath of what happened on the previous case, but did the return of Emily help ease her pain?

Use the video above to watch Criminal Minds online to get caught up with the latest developments on the BAU team as they solve grisly cases. 

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 3 Quotes

JJ: It's so great to see you, even if it's only temporary.
Prentiss: Well, when Hotch told me the director tapped him for special assignment, I wanted to help out. Moreso when he said that you still have escaped serial killers you have to catch, on top of your normal caseload.

Some things never change.