Younger Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Night at the Opera

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Such a short show and so much to talk about!

The lingering thought I have after watching Younger Season 3 Episode 4 is that Liza cannot help herself with the lies. There isn't a single person in her life with whom she shares the complete truth, and that includes Maggie.

Girl Time with Maggie - Younger

Kudos to Younger for broaching the topic of period sex. Has that ever been discussed on television before? 

It's a real thing and has been for far longer than the generation gap between millennials and Gen whatever you may be. The way it was discussed was tastefully done and without going too far to the edge. Surely there are people out there like Liza who have been afraid to talk about it, and now they have some opinions on the matter.

Call me crazy if you want, but I think that's really cool. 

The biggest surprise was what finally drove Liza to give it a go. It wasn't weighing her friends' opinions or Josh's easy acceptance (and busy patterned towel) of the issue, but a night of staring longingly at Charles that left her hot and bothered enough to throw caution to the wind.

Dashing Couple - Younger Season 3 Episode 4

That's right. Although Josh and Liza were given Diana's opera tickets, and Josh looked wonderful and behaved beautifully in a crowd that wasn't his style, he wasn't the one scoring any points for the evening.

Liza may be able to talk freely in front of Josh about pretty much anything, but the one thing she cannot talk about is Charles. 

As luck would have it, Charles was also at the opera. Liza needed to talk to Charles because of that millennial brat, Bryce. I'm having a time with Bryce.I know my fair share of millennials because I'm in this business. If they were all like Bryce, none of us who weren't millennials would be sane.

Judging by the reaction of Tay(lor), one half of the God-awful Stoopid Girls, if the majority of millennials were like Bryce, the rest of the millennials might be insane, too.

Josh: She's so cute when she nerds out over books, isn't she?
Liza: This is about more than books. If this hits, she can finally be who she really is and stop pretending every day.

There is so much wrong with that annoying child. Taking the biggest book (with paper pages) in the Empirical library and bonking him on the head would only partially relieve the feelings I have toward the bugger. 

In my imagination, I see two outcomes for his story. In the first something happens, I don't even care what, and he turns into a blithering idiot, crying for his mommy, and runs out of Empirical and a big party is thrown because he's gone. Nobody cares that Empirical is still on the rocks, because no Bryce.

The other is connected to Liza being an old. Isn't that what he calls them? Diana was happy for the first time in AGES getting it on with a hot plumber in her building while Bryce was trying to sign idiots to Empirical and plot the removal of 45% of the workforce, mostly the olds, like Diana.

No need to worry, Liza. You're fine. You're young. So Bryce's story's end will come in conjunction with Liza outing herself to prove his idiocy as a young is far more of a liability than her intelligence as an old because HA – nobody even knew she was an old, so what does really matter, anyway?!

Or something along those lines.

Before I continue with my story, how impressed were you with Diana and the plumber?? I guess his name was Enzo. He reminded me of Stu from Suits, who also had that edge. In the screener I watched, when Enzo told Diana to calm down, he went full on F-bomb. Did that make it air?? I hope Diana finds him again.

OK. Carrying on.

Risque Zipping - Younger Season 3 Episode 4

Of course Liza wanted to tell Charles what she heard from Bryce. At the moment, Charles is still using terms like "shiny penny" as how he sees Bryce interacting with Empirical, Millennial Print and Liza, in particular. In doing so, he's clearly underestimating the threat at hand.

Liza and Charles bump into each other outside the ladies' room where Liza is half zipped (I guess she couldn't hoist the dress above her waist?) and after that erotic zipping moment, it was hard to keep the conversation on track to get the words out about Bryce before Josh and Charles' date appeared.

The bottom line on the night? Liza was so turned on by Charles she overrode her police on period sex to get it on with Josh. Which is completely unfair to Josh in the bigger picture, but short time, I doubt he minded. Still, Josh is so inherently good, if not the right match for her, it's hard to watch.

Your turn!! Did you see things differently? Were you more turned on by Josh or Charles? Do you think Charles needs to open his eyes to Bryce? What if he doesn't? Is Liza's age the key to ending Bryce's corporate takeover?

Remember, you can watch Younger online right here to catch up and relive the best of this amazing series.

Night at the Opera Review

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Younger Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Liza: Hey, I thought you wanted to Netflix and chill tonight.
Josh: Babe, you know that means sex, right?

Construction Manager: Hey, slow down.
Diana: I don't need to slow down. What I need is peace. What I need is privacy.
Construction Manager: What you need, is to get fucked.