Code Black Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Landslide

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Mario may have thought he was done with his dad, but events on Code Black Season 2 Episode 5 proved him wrong.

Luckily for him, he has the Angel's Memorial family to fall back on. By blood or by bond, family are those who love you no matter what -- and those you just can't let go of. 

Landslide in Malibu - Code Black

This show has gotten some pretty great guest stars, but it doesn't always put them to the best use. I was pretty disappointed that Meredith Baxter spent most of her time unconscious on a gurney. What's the point of booking a known name if you knock them out after ten minutes?

The measles storyline deserved more attention too. Honestly, I could have done without the love triangle rescue workers if it meant more time with Mrs. Keaton Ms. Baxter. It was more than a little cliched and other than highlighting how patients spill their guts to Ethan and occupying Leanne's time, there wasn't much point to it.

Meanwhile, Jagger's mom Natalie just completely changes her position on vaccines and what constitutes a reputable source after one aborted dressing down from man-child Elliot? Puh-lease. There was so much more to explore there. 

I'm your mother. I love you no matter what stupid mistakes you make.


As it is, the highlight of the measles story is that it highlighted Angus' potential to become a great teacher. Sure, he needed a little wakeup call from Leanne about what he should be doing, but he didn't have to be told twice. 

I can totally see him being put in charge of the residency program some day. Or at least being the chief resident. 

In addition to his mentoring chops, Angus won the "best bro" award as well. His insistent comforting of Mario had me all choked up. Those two need to get an apartment together. And Angus definitely needs to meet Mario's Grammy. As we all do.

She's your patient, Dr. Dixon. This is how we learn emergency medicine. In the middle of emergencies.


Poor Mario. He really thought that he could just walk away from Vince and that would be the end of things. It's a lovely thought, that we can just cut out the toxic people in our lives. But it's just not that easy. There's some part deep down that always wants your parents to love and accept you.

Mario's become a lot more mature than when we first met him, but Vince's death paves the way for another leap in maturity. Of course I'm not ruling out the possibility that he could backslide in the meantime. 

I have a feeling that Vince may retain the ability to screw with Mario's head from beyond the grave. Now I could be wrong, because Code Black flirts with the character driven plots without fully committing to the format. But it's a strong possibility.

EMT: You know this guy?
Mario: No. He's my father.

Other Thoughts

  • Rob Lowe on a motorcycle: Be still my heart.
  • I'm loving Jesse and Ethan's friendship. 
  • I'm so glad to see that Charlotte isn't going to be simply forgotten. Using her death to help build up the other characters makes her death worth it. Sort of.
  • I really wish the Mike storyline would be resolved once and for all. Realistically, that's a huge thing to come back from and some serious recovery time, but I'm starting to not care, which isn't good.
  • Campbell managed to not completely suck, which is progress. Baby steps, right?

You know what? Maybe I will stick around, just to piss off Campbell.


Ethan may have decided to give Angel's a shot, but what happens if he gets booted by Campbell? He'll help a terminally ill woman on Code Black Season 2 Episode 6 ("Hero Complex"), and we may get the chance to find out. Annabeth Gish, star of one of my favorite '90s miniseries, will appear as the woman's mother and hopefully will get more than five lines.

While Col. Willis is busy pissing off Campbell, Malaya has the worst assignment ever -- telling a college girl that she's been assaulted. I'm going to guess that that may bring up some unpleasant memories for Dr. Pineda. 

If you missed "Landslide" or just like to obsessively view episodes, remember that you can always watch Code Black online. We'd love to hear you thoughts down in the comments section!

Landslide Review

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Code Black Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Ethan: It's been two weeks and I can't stop thinking about Charlotte. You expect that kind of thing in war, but...
Jesse: But an American city in 2016? Is there a difference?

Jesse: I mean, seriously, why you keep bringing up this thing about you leaving?
Ethan: 'Cause I don't want you to get too attached, sweetheart.