Days of Our Lives Round Table: Rate Theresa's Plan!

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Chloe revealed lots of baby drama, Hope finally confessed to murder and Theresa felt forced to ditch Brady and Tate on last week’s Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ted Bell from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the big baby reveal, if Theresa’s plan is genius or pure stupidity, and their hindsight on Stefano’s murder after the latest week in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Rate the “Chloe is carrying Nicole and Daniel’s baby” story from 1 (awful) to 10 (amazing)!

Ted Bell: This is defiantly a 10 to me! Nicole has taken a left with Deimos, and Chloe's "Nikki Approval Rating" is less than zero, but she will get it going in the right direction. I love Nicole to death, just don't name the baby Pookie! 

Jack: I'm going to give it an 8.5. I love that Nicole is having her miracle baby and a part of her late fiance to boot. However, I want Deimos OUT of this story ASAP. Also, as great as the reveal was, I would have loved to have seen the first part of this story in real time before Daniel's death, rather than him being totally off screen until a few days before he died.

Christine: Pookie! I totally forgot about little Pookie! But back to the question. I’m giving it an 8. It’s quite a twist, and I’m thrilled that Nicole will finally be a Mom…once Chloe decides to give her her child. However, I do wish we’d had just a bit of a heads up on this one instead of the entire story so obviously being added on after Daniel’s death. 

Do you think Hope could have gotten off if she had come forward and confessed to killing Stefano from the beginning?

Ted Bell: No! I could feel Hope if she had it in her hat rack head to go there and grease Stefano for all of his shenanigans in the past. But to get verbally punked then blast him to Hell? I can't let that slide.

Jack: I think it's possible. The cover-up is of greater concern, plus the fact that she waited so long to confess and only did it when she was caught makes it look like she didn't really care that she killed a man.

Christine: I think she could have. Stefano terrorized her and her family for years. I do think Hope was suffering from some PTSD at the time, between Bo’s death, the Aiden fiasco, and Ciara’s kidnapping. If Rafe had brought her into the station and she had gotten a great attorney and been honest about what happened, I think she could have gotten off. Instead, the cover up makes her look like a cold blooded killer out for revenge.

Was Rafe right to compare Ben terrorizing Abigail to Stefano terrorizing Hope?

Ted Bell: Again NO! Apples and Oranges, Ben is still kickin', Stefano is 6 feet under, Allegedly, Ben is a psychopath and Stefano was a sociopath. 

Jack: Absolutely not. Stefano had been toothless for quite some time -- in fact, Andre ordered the hit on Hope's life against his wishes. Plus, he was in a wheelchair minding his own business when Hope came into his house and confronted him. Abigail snapped after Ben broke out of a mental hospital, attacked a security guard, broke into her house and threatened her safety. If anything, Hope/Stefano might be analogous to Nick/Gabi -- and Gabi got 20 years for killing Nick, even if she actually only served about 9 months.

Christine: I think there are some similarities. Stefano tormented Hope for decades and she honestly believed he had caused Bo’s death and was behind kidnapping Ciara. For Hope, the terror was more long term, where for Abigail it was more immediate but I still think the analogy holds up. 

Theresa Confides in Victor - Days of Our Lives

Is Theresa’s plan complete stupidity or her smartest move?

Ted Bell: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Shane should ask his two ex-ISA cronies John and Steve for a solid! Pitch in the Big Greek's resources and take this Cowboy down while they have him on their home soil.

Jack: Complete stupidity. There is no excuse for not telling Brady. None. If the so-called love of her life knew about this plan, it might be a brave thing to do, similar to when JJ went undercover, but as it is, she's throwing her life away in order to appease an abusive ex, even if she does think she's going to take him down.

Christine: Painfully stupid. You mean to tell me between Shane, Victor, John, and Steve, that there’s no one in Salem who can help her? And Theresa telling her mother that she may not have to have sex with this guy once she goes to Mexico with him is beyond credulity. The show did a lot to redeem Theresa but now they’re going completely overboard to make her into some kind of martyr and I hate it. 

Marlena and Kayla in Coffins - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Ted Bell: The end of Orpheus, my second favorite character. It was only fitting that my all time favorite character, Patch, actually, his alter ego Steve, be the one who smoked Orpheus. 

Jack: Theresa not telling Brady what's going on with Mateo, Rafe's nonsensical excuses for Hope's behavior, and the very ridiculous Orpheus story that I almost forgot even happened. Oh, and Gabi getting her obligatory phone call to her seriously injured boyfriend out of the way so she could flirt with Chad.

Christine: Nicole continuing to grovel for Deimos forgiveness and approval. With how many men to we have to watch Nicole beg for acceptance? Eric, Daniel, and now Deimos…and in this case it should be Deimos fighting to win Nicole, not the other way around. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or story line?

Ted Bell: There was so many, it was really a good week in Salem. Hope being exposed, Orpheus laughing in Steve's face as he was shot, Shane and Kim returning to town. Derek's Halloween costume dressed as a member of the Village People. And so much more!

Jack: I loved Chad and Ciara's confrontations with Hope. I also really really loved the Chloe reveal. It was great to see Daniel again and made me miss him all over again.

Christine: I loved Chad’s confrontation with Hope. It wasn’t over the top but still very emotional and honest. I also appreciated that Theresa told Kim that she knew she had slept with Victor to save Shane. As much as I hate the current story line, I like the use of character history. 

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. What do you think of Theresa's plan?

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