Gotham Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Blood Rush

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Judge, jury, and executioner.

By the end of Gotham Season 3 Episode 8, Barnes had almost completely embraced his dark side and decided Jim was going to be his partner in crime.

While Barnes was the main focus of "Blood Rush," the rest of the hour was odd. Very odd.

Straight-Faced - Gotham Season 3 Episode 8

We all know Jim wants to clean up the city. It's something he's always wanted. He's even crossed the line at times to get it done. 

But, is he really going to fall into line with Barnes' brand of crazy justice?

Sure, Jim shot Galavan and that was a really bad move on his part, but what Barnes did was beyond bad. He brutally ripped someone apart limb from limb. That's just crazy, and it puts him in a completely different category of insane.

I have been waiting anxiously for Barnes to go all dark side, and now he's pretty much embraced it. It makes sense that his "darkness" would be rage at criminals who still walk the streets of Gotham. That seems like the sort of darkness Mr. High and Mighty would have buried deep down inside. A line someone who walks the straight narrow non-stop would like to cross. And cross it he did.

Jim, things are gonna change around here. You and I are gonna make a difference in this city. We're gonna clean it up.


But, when he looked at the crowded room at the engagement party, it sort of seemed that he's picking anyone he thinks might be guilty. Not people who are actually guilty. It seemed like almost the whole room changed to an ugly face.

So, that's an interesting turn of events. If he was only going to go after people who were actually guilty, it would be boring, because who really cares if he got rid of the scum of Gotham?  He'd be doing it in a way that would totally go against his former "honest" high and mighty self, but it'd still be boring.

Choosing people at random is going to be much more exciting. What are his criteria? Is he just going to make stuff up in his head? What sorts of things make his list of right and wrong?

Will he ever set his sights on Jim? He knows deep down that Jim had something to do with Galavan's murder. How long before it dawns on him that Jim falls into the guilty category?

If Jim's to believe Dr. Simon, he already knows something's going on with Barnes. But, Jim is going to have a hard time believing the Captain was responsible for Dr. Simon ending up on the car. How long before he notices something is off with Mr. High and Mighty?

Will Barnes stay in the GCPD, or will he go rogue and make Jim chase after him?

I hope he leaves the GCPD. He can't hide his madness anymore, and he can't fight it. The Captain Barnes we once knew is long gone.

I hope Isabella is long gone, too. I hope cutting her brakes really did get her killed by the train. I have never hated a story on Gotham as much as I hate the Penguin-Nygma-Isabella storyline. 

I know there were some who believed that Isabella was a plant by Butch, but I'm not really sure I buy that theory. The woman is obviously a whack job.

Not only did she decide to stay with Nygma after finding out he murdered (sort of) his former girlfriend, but then she dressed up as the former girlfriend to try to release Ed from his fear that he'd kill her. too?

Really? Absolutely ludicrous. 

Gotham has come up with some goofy stuff before, but this tops the cake.

Face it, Ed. You're a killer.

Ms. Kringle's Ghost

The worst part of it all was when she called Penguin out for being in love with him. Was she really planning on fighting with Penguin for Ed's love? Was he really planning on fighting her? 

How pat.

At this point, I don't want Penguin and Ed together anymore. The writers have basically ruined Nygmobblepot. The romance and tension that had been building was destroyed when Isabella entered the picture, and anything that might happen now will seem forced and unnatural.

Just like the whole relationship between Nygma and Isabella. There was absolutely no reason to have thrown her into the mix. It would have been better had Nygma rebuffed Penguin's feelings.

If conflict between the two is what the writers wanted, then they could have achieved it that way instead of teasing the audience about a romance that was never going to be and then ruining it the way they did.

It's boring now. Penguin needs to get back to his old self. He needs to get off his ass and find Butch and Tabitha. Hopefully, without Nygma's help. Just make them enemies already and get on with it.

I'm also bored with the whole Jim/Mario/Lee triangle. Is Jim going to fight Mario for Lee or not? It's stupid that Mario is so insanely jealous of Jim. He's the one with her. He should be happy about it. I'm not buying his continuous worrying about Lee running back to Jim. '

I still believe she has feelings for Jim, but how long are they going to drag this out?

Barbara showing up at the party to ask Lee if she missed the "heat" was so out there, I don't even know what to make of it. I know Barbara's nuts, but crashing Lee's party like that was just weird. Wouldn't it be in Barbara's better interest to seek Jim out? If she still wants him, wouldn't she have done that instead?

Other than Barnes going dark, the rest of the hour made no sense. It's disappointing that once again. Gotham started the season out strong, but then took a nosedive not even half way through. Why can't we have any consistency on this show? Why couldn't we just have had an hour focused on Barnes and nothing else? It would have been much more entertaining.

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Blood Rush Review

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Something's gotten into me. When I see a scumbag like you, my blood starts boiling in my veins, and I just want to punish you. Make you suffer.


Jim, things are gonna change around here. You and I are gonna make a difference in this city. We're gonna clean it up.