Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 7 Review: Mother and Son

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In an intriguing change of pace, McGarrett gets to work on his abandonment issues on Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 7.

Right in the middle of a romantic dinner with his new girlfriend Lynn, McGarrett receives a visit from his old girlfriend, Catherine, telling him that his mother Doris is, not surprisingly, in trouble.

Fighting to Free His Mother - Hawaii Five-0

At least Lynn seems willing to roll with the Weird World of Steve McGarrett. Which is good, because he's always gonna be running off somewhere at extremely inconvenient times.

My boyfriend's ex who he was going to propose to shows up in the middle of our date, and now he's upstairs packing for a trip with her. Yeah, out of context, that is a little weird.


It's good to know that McGarrett is still seeing Lynn, After all, this marks only the third time she has appeared over two seasons. Still, Steve has every right to be a commitment-phobe, after the ways Catherine and Doris disappeared on him.

Catherine finally admits to McGarrett what most everyone had suspected all along: she's a spook and had been for a while. She ran off on Steve because she received a new assignment. He didn't seem terribly surprised.

I wanted to tell you. I did. You're the last person I ever wanted to lie to, Steve.


OK, so McGarrett and Catherine head to Morocco and kidnap a convenient spook to find out where Doris is being held, Equally incredibly, the Five-0 team find the place where the pair is holed up by tracking McGarrett's cell phone. That's a strong signal to travel from Africa to the Pacific. I mean, I find dead spots down the road.

This whole outing is because Doris feels a debt for what she did to Yao Fat and his family, as shown in a series of flashbacks. It's kind of cool to see young Doris actually played by Emma Schlamme, Christine Lahti's daughter.

The back-and-forth between Doris and McGarrett is always enjoyable.

McGarrett: I got no zip ties.
Doris: Seriously, you didn't bring restraints? And you've been on how many ops now?
McGarrett: You know, Mom, I thought I was coming to get you then getting out. I didn't think I was going to be tying up bad guys.
Doris: Who raised you?

They also worked through some issues, in their stone-faced ways. Doris steered McGarrett to the hiding place for her journal at his house, so he can learn more about what makes her tick.

But McGarrett isn't the only one dealing with emotional issues. Poor Chin. First he loses his wife. Now he's losing her niece, who gets sent to Mexico to live with her aunt and uncle, despite Chin's concerns.

Sara's going to be gone by the time we get back. It's just as well. It would be too hard to handle watching her leave.


Here's an idea. Since Abby is actually part of the Honolulu police force, maybe she and Chin could appear in the same scene, the first step toward the couple having a child of their own.

The rescue of Doris and Yao was largely an afterthought. A six-member strike force takes on the full staff of a CIA black site and escapes through a handy sewer pipe. Easy peasy.

This means Doris has completed her mission and is free to return to the island as she threatens. But a little of Doris goes a long way.

I didn't get the random story thread where Grover was pressuring his son to find out for Danny if Grace has a boyfriend. Since Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 8 appears to be set at a school dance, perhaps it's leading up to that.

To catch up on the infuriating women in McGarrett's life, watch Hawaii Five-0 online.

Should McGarrett be with Catherine or Lynn? Shouldn't Chin catch a break? Might it be possible that the entire regular cast show up in one episode? Comment below.

Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane (Mother and Son) Review

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Every time I tuck her in, I think it might be the last.


McGarrett: Hi, can I help you?
Lynn: I'm not sure if I have the right place. A handsome gentleman promised me an evening of romance and fine dining.
McGarrett: I can definitely help you with one of those.
Lynn: I hope it's dinner because I am starving.