How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Wes Is Dead!

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Will How to Get Away with Murder be able to continue on without Wes?

That's a key question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 9 in which Wes was murdered. 

TV Fanatics Rachel Miller, Miranda Wicker, Lee Jutton and Amanda Steinmetz discuss the big death, who the killer may be and 

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Wes is dead. React.

Rachel: I did not expect Wes to be the one under the sheet at all. I assumed it would’ve been at least Nate or Frank. I’ve always liked Wes, and I hate to see him go. I can’t wait to find out what really happened to him knowing that he was dead long before the house fire.

Miranda: I'm still angry it was Wes. My reaction is rage and a decision never to trust Shonda with any of my beloved characters again. 

Lee: It felt like a shock for shock value's sake to me. So many things about this season – particularly the various bizarre sexual couplings – have made it seem like the writers are running out of ideas and so just throwing anything against a wall to see if it sticks. This felt a little bit like that. Also, I'm pissed it wasn't Frank, as I utterly loathe that character at this point and the notion that he might end up back with Laurel now just disgusts me. 

Amanda: I'm actually not that surprised. Frank would have been too obvious and Nate would have felt like a cop-out. I've never been the biggest Wes fan, but his death will definitely carry major ramifications for the show going forward. Also, we need to know what happened to him since he died before the fire.

How did Connor know to go to the hospital WITHOUT having his cell phone?

Rachel: Maybe he saw the fire on the news?

Miranda: Maybe Connor is more damaged than we know. 

Lee: I didn't even notice that! I'm going to second what Miranda said.  

Amanda: I totally didn't notice that.

Who killed Wes?

Rachel: I think Mahoney family had something to do with it. Either them or Frank. Maybe the Mahoney family found out Wes’ true identity and wanted to get rid of him. Or Frank found out Wes was thinking about ratting out Annalise and wanted to prove his loyalty to her by getting rid of a snitch.

Miranda: My first instinct is that the Mahoney family had something to do with it. My second feeling is that Frank is a jealous crazy man who killed Wes in an attempt to get back with Laurel. (Also, will someone please tell the girl she's pregnant?)

Lee: The Mahoney family makes the most sense. I kind of hope it's Frank just so the show has an excuse to get it right this time and either kill him off or lock him away in jail. 

Amanda: The Mahoney family makes more sense to me than Frank killing Wes. Frank will definitely be a suspect, but he would have to be insane to think killing Wes would get him back in anyone's good graces. Who knows? Maybe he is!

What will Annalise do now that she's lost her golden child?

Rachel: She’ll be even more broken than she is now. It seems like everything bad that could ever happen to a person, happens to Annalise.

Miranda: Whoever did this will pay. Mightily. 

Lee: Annalise has been using Wes as a replacement for the child she lost, and now she's lost him too! I can't imagine she could spiral any further downward than she already has this season. I hope that the opposite happens, and that his death lights a fire under her to improve her life and devote herself to figuring out who did it and punish them for it. 

Amanda: I'm expecting a major down spiral. Annalise has treated him as her surrogate son, and now she lost him like she lost her unborn child. This is not good!

Grade the Winter finale.

Rachel: I’ll give it B. Wes’ death was shocking and totally unexpected.

Miranda: I want to give it an effing F for killing Wes, but I can't because when a show makes me this angry, it's probably doing something right. So I'll give it an A-. 

Lee: I'll give the shock of the "Who's under the sheet?" reveal an A for effort as it did take me completely by surprise. The episode overall I'd give a B-. 

Amanda: I'll give it an A-. I didn't think Wes dying was all that shocking, but I thought the set up and flow of the episode was really outstanding. 

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