How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Who Is the Real Victim?

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Who will be the one to perish in the fire?

That's the biggest question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 8 in which Frank made his presence felt around the Keating house. 

Below, TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Lee Jutton, Rachel Miller and Amada Steinmetz discuss who the victim is, Connor's betrayal and Meggie's heart being broke in two. 

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Who is under the sheet?

Miranda: Ugh. I think it's Frank. I think Annalise exacted her revenge and it's Frank under the sheet. Dammit.

Lee: I am so sick of Frank that, at this point, if it isn't Frank under the sheet I might riot. I thought him guilt-tripping Laurel into letting him stay the night at her place was the last straw, but then he acted like he was going to kill a child to make Annalise love him again and I really lost it. He has no redeeming values as far as I can see. I know it's the easy, unsurprising choice but I don't care -- I hope it's Frank.

Rachel: There's a strong possibility that it's Frank. Frank has nothing left to lose, and like Miranda stated, Annalise wanted her revenge. Either Frank killed himself, or Annalise and Bonnie came up with the plan to get rid of him for good.

Amanda: Frank seems like the obvious choice. Anyone else will have gotten themselves caught in the crossfire between Frank and Annalise.

Did Laurel really not sleep with Frank?

Miranda: I don't think she did. I think they want it to be purposefully misleading to pit Bonnie and Laurel against one another, but no. I don't think they slept together.

Lee: I don't think they slept together. Laurel really cares about Wes and I don't think she would do that to him, even with Frank. I think this is just a classic case of misdirection.

Rachel: I don't think so. Laurel is all about Wes right now, so I doubt anything between her and Frank happened.

Amanda: I don't think they did either. Frank staying the night is just so the audience will think the baby could be his. 

Is Wes jealous about Frank's return?

Miranda: Of course! Wes has been trying to grow facial hair for three seasons. He's totally jealous of Frank's beard-growing prowess. Wait...that's not what we're talking about.

Lee: I mean, I think he probably has some bigger issues with Frank's return than jealousy over his history with Laurel -- or his beard! But, I'm sure that it's simmering beneath the surface. How could it not be? On an unrelated note, I cracked up with Asher reacted to the news that Frank no longer had a beard. Not going to lie, that was the highlight of this episode for me.

Rachel: Yep! He isn't sure if Laurel is trying to fill the void of Frank being gone with him, or if she truly cares about him.

Amanda: With Laurel and Frank's history, yes! Their relationship is new, so of course he would be worried. 

What did you think of the way Meggie found out about Wes and Laurel.

Miranda: Meh. MEH.

Lee: I felt really bad for her as she seems like a very sweet girl who should never have gotten mixed up in the trials and tribulations of the Keating 5. Especially since she and Lauren seemed like they were becoming friends, it must have felt like a real betrayal to find out that Wes and Laurel are together now. They should probably just write her off the show now, so that she doesn't have to deal with any more of their crap!

Rachel: It was bound to happen. I was actually rooting for Meggie and Wes, but that went down the drain quickly.

Amanda: She seems like a nice enough person, so she totally deserve to find out that way.

Connor slept with Thomas. React!

Miranda: Dick move, Connor. Dick. Move.

Lee: Connor has not dealt with any of his Oliver issues well at all. He needs to grow up. Oliver does too, but at least he's aware of it, with his various pronouncements about how he needs to learn to be alone, find out who he actually is, and so on and so forth -- but come on, Connor! Get a grip.

Rachel: If this is Connor's way of trying to get back with Oliver, he failed miserably.

Amanda: Oh Connor! No... just no.

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