Pitch Round Table: Beauty in the Breakdown

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On Pitch Season 1 Episode 6 Kylie Bunbury gives us one of her best performances to date!

Ginny finally succumbs to the mounting pressure and has a fun night out, and a bit of a breakdown. Trouble in paradise between Mike and Amelia leads Mike to his ex-wife Rachel's doorstep. Rita Wilson and Lyndsy Fonseca guest star. 

Join TV Fanatics Allison, Jim, Christine, and Ashley as they discuss their favorite scenes of "Wear It," whether or not Mike and Amelia officially called things off, and the great Lyndsy Fonseca! They also discuss Kylie Bunbury's Emmy worthy performance and what they expect after the latest scandal.

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate "Wear it" and why?

Allison: I enjoyed that the focus was on how Ginny is handling, or not handling, everything that is being thrown at her. I do wish that we spent more time with the shrink. Overall, I'd give it an 8.

Jim: I agree with Allison, I really enjoyed that the focused on how Ginny was handling things. I really like Rita Wilson as the shrink and hope this isn't the only episode we see her in. In the end, I'd almost gave it a 7, then Cara didn't sell out Ginny and proved there are good people in the world, so I too will give it an 8.

Christine: I'd go a little lower, maybe a 7? The Ginny aspects of the episode were awesome, but the Mike stuff felt a little out of place for THIS episode. I feel like his stuff should have been its own episode.

Ashley: Honestly, I didn't love this episode. I think I'd give it a 7. Somehow this one just felt off to me.

Did you think Cara would sell Ginny out? What did you think about her fast friendship with Ginny?

Allison: I did have a moment of worry whenever we initially saw Cara recording a video of her and Ginny. However, the fact that Cara drove Ginny back to San Diego erased any doubt or concern. You could tell that Cara was just trying to help Ginny out and relax. I really enjoyed her relationship with Ginny, and I would love to see Cara again. I'm all for having Lyndsy Fonseca back on my TV.

Jim: While I'm not as familiar with Lyndsy Fonseca as Allison is, I went through the same doubts and concerns as Allison. In the end, the fact she drove her back to the park and somehow got in touch with Amelia to share her concerns and make sure Ginny was just "dropped off" surprised me pleasantly and bumped my overall opinion of the episode.

Christine: Totally agree with Allison and Jim. I had early doubts about Cara, but was so happy that they DIDN'T go there with her. And I, too, am thrilled to see Lyndsy Fonseca on a TV show again (I think her presence could have saved Agent Carter last season, but nooo, they HAD to write Angie out!), and I 100% need to see her back. Cara could be exactly the female friend that Ginny needs that isn't connected to her world in the same way that Evelyn and Amelia are.

Ashley: Yeah, I definitely figured that's where it would go, and I think we're all trained to feel that way. So I was also really glad they did the shocking thing and had her be a genuine good person.

Did you expect Mike to break things off with Amelia so quickly? What did you think about him going to see Rachel?

Allison: I did not expect it to end so soon. I really liked them together. Mike going to see Rachel, drunk, had me worried. Pull yourself together, dude. I can't quite figure out where his head is at. I thought he was breaking things off because of how it was affecting Ginny, but the fact that he went back to Rachel makes me think there's more going on.

Jim: I didn't think he was trying to break things off. Amelia jumped to him breaking things off and "was the bad guy" before he could even get a sentence in. Maybe we will get lucky and Ginny will show her appreciation to Amelia by helping her get back with Mike.

Christine: I saw it the same way as Jim. I thought Amelia was the one distancing herself. She didn't invite him to the party, and then bowled over him before he could get a sentence in. I think more importantly though, their relationship impacted Ginny in a way that I didn't expect.

That whole panic attack conversation, and the fact that it was a secret between Ginny and Amelia, was a great way of creating tension without it being romantic tension, which I really appreciated. As for Rachel, Mike's pining for her. Maybe he needs to spend some time with Rita Wilson next.

Ashley: I agree with Jim and Christine that it felt like it was more Amelia who was ending things so abruptly. I had forgotten about Rachel already, so I'm glad they brought her back in. As for how they did it, it felt strange to me. I actually think it's time to focus more on Mike's character, because a lot of what's happening with him makes it feel like we're only getting part of the story.

Ginny broke down and admitted that she didn't want to go back. Discuss your thoughts on that scene.

Allison: She broke my heart. The pressure is just getting to her. When she was with Cara, Ginny did not have to be anyone else but herself, and she liked that. Ginny's breakdown is about not wanting to go back to being Ginny Baker, the first African American woman pitcher in the Major Leagues who has the world on her shoulders.

I'm glad we got to see Ginny break down under the pressure because it made her human, and you come away liking her more for it.

Jim: Her breakdown with Cara was mirrored by her realization with the psychiatrist that she can't quit because she has the responsibility of being "on the list" with some pretty famous people. She realized that for better or worse, she is "Ginny Baker, the first African American woman pitcher in the MLB" but that's not all she is.

Christine: Kylie Bunbury is incredible. That performance was Emmy worthy. Ginny has such an insane amount of pressure coming at her from so many angles, and I'm so glad that Pitch isn't trying to wrap her up in a bow and writing her as a perfect role model. They've made Ginny so perfectly flawed that, like Allison said, you walk away from a breakdown moment like that loving her more.

Ashley: I appreciated how honest that moment was. My favorite thing about this episode was letting us see her deal with the pressure of the position she's in.

The nude selfies are out. What are your predictions for how the latest scandal will play out?

Allison: I don't know, but the promo made me so excited for the next episode. I'm ready for some badass female empowerment and shutting down the mansplainers. I'm hoping that Ginny keeps her head high and that her team rallies around her.

Jim: I'm not sure what it's going to bring, but like Allison, I'm really excited for the episode. It looks like they handle the situation with a bit more humor than this week's more serious-side episode.

Christine: Ginny can't catch a break! I'm curious to see how Ginny will handle it. If there's anything we learned from this episode, it's that Ginny is starting to crack. She's tough and badass, yes, but eventually something's gotta give. I'm wondering if THIS will be the thing that finally tips her.

Ashley: I also think it's going to be an opportunity for her team to support her, and I'm excited for that.

What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Allison: I loved the moment when Ginny realized that Cara brought her back to San Diego. Ginny realized that Cara is a good friend who was looking out for her. Their hug was really sweet.

Jim: When Amelia tells Ginny about the photos coming out and Ginny takes a deep breath, turns looks at Amelia and says "Ok, what else you got." It showed how she was keeping things in perspective and facing them head on.

Christine: I liked Cara asking Ginny for her drink order, but Ginny mistaking it for a fan asking for a photo. That seems like something I would do, if I were in her shoes. Haha!

Ashley: Even though I knew it was bad and that it made me uncomfortable because of it, I really enjoyed seeing Ginny jump in the pool with that dress and those sneakers. Something about that was really powerful, and it spoke to her emotional state and the fact that yeah, she does need to blow off some steam and be her own person.

A little discourse never hurt anyone! Join the discussion below and let us know what you think. If you want to relive all of the sports action, humor, and angst you can watch Pitch online here at TV Fanatic. 

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