Quantico Round Table: The AIC Strikes

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 7, Alex realizes that she has lost the faith of Nimah, Ryan, Miranda, and Shelby. They have all decided that Ryan is more likely to make a breakthrough on the AIC front. Alex has, essentially, been benched. It's gotta hurt.

Alex isn't one to back down from a fight, but seeing as how Ryan gets tapped by the AIC, everyone might have been right to put their money on him.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghan Frey theorize whether Owen is involved with the AIC, if Alex broke or manipulated the terrorists, and much more. Join the discussion by sharing your theories in the comments.

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Ryan is tapped. React.

Jasmine: I'm not a Ryan fan, so I assure you nothing that came out of my mouth was polite. But if this means he might be more interesting, so be it.

Meaghan: It was predictable. As I have said before, I can guarantee you that Ryan is one of the terrorists, so this was just his first step on the road to getting there.

Allison: I'm just glad there is some movement on the AIC front. Alex and Ryan have been coming up with nada, so hopefully this makes the present storyline a bit more interesting. I wouldn't mind if Ryan was one of the terrorists. On his own, Ryan doesn't bother me. I dislike that Ryan and Alex are still something that is being forced down our throats.

Do you think Owen stepped out to call Ryan, not Lydia, or do you think it’s a red herring, and Owen isn’t behind the AIC?

Jasmine: The Owen and Ryan dynamic has been such an interesting one, even more so than Owen and Alex. Owen always seemed to treat Ryan like he was sussing him out or something, back at the Farm. So maybe.

Meaghan: Red herring. Owen has seemed like the obvious choice for the head of the AIC since the season started. I would much rather have it be someone that shocks us a little and have Owen be someone who has gotten caught in the cross hairs.

Allison: I think it was a Red Herring. I feel like from what we've learned about Owen, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to be running the AIC. I'd prefer it if neither Owen nor Lydia were a part of the AIC. It's just too predictable.

Did Alex break and give the terrorists the intel they wanted, or do you think she played the terrorists? She did get them to stop jamming communications.

Jasmine: That expression on her face after they left gave me the impression that she manipulated them. She had a bit of a smirk. She also gave in fairly quickly, and Alex would have spent more time trying to reason her way out of things more. She just sort of caved. She's totally playing them.

Meaghan: She was playing them. She told them exactly what she wanted them to do. She knew that if they unjammed the signals, even for just a few minutes, it would give the FBI an in. This Alex is definitely the Alex we were promised when the show started. I can finally see why everyone has always thought she was capable of being a great agent.

Allison: Alex's expression, like Jasmine mentioned, made me think she was playing them. Alex gave the terrorists intel they wanted, and she managed to get something in return. Alex handled the situation really well.

It seems like everyone is placing their bets on Ryan when it comes to uncovering the AIC at the Farm. Are they right to do so or does Alex deserve another shot?

Jasmine: Ugh, as much as it kills me to say it, I think they're right to stick with Ryan. Alex gets way too emotionally invested. She also gets too easily distracted. She just hasn't been very effective at the Farm.

Meaghan: Ryan was the right choice. He has proven time and again he is a more likely candidate for the AIC. Alex has been playing it too by the book up to this point. However, like I said in one of my earlier answers I think Ryan getting tapped by the AIC was the first step in him becoming one of the terrorists, so maybe they shouldn't put all their eggs in that particular basket.

Allison: Alex was not getting anywhere in her endeavors, and she definitely has had the most opportunity to uncover something. It makes sense that Ryan is the one that Miranda, Nimah, and Shelby put their faith in. I'm really hoping that this kicks Alex into high gear, and she proves all of them wrong.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Jasmine: Shelby sure as heck wasn't. I'm going to say Diana. She really took charge during their exercise at the Farm. I was impressed. Intrigued about her background and a tad afraid of her, but definitely impressed.

Meaghan: Alex. We have been promised this bad ass chick for a season and a half now and finally we are seeing her. The way she so easily manipulated the terrorists was fantastic.

Allison: I'm going to go with Diana as well. She got the job done. I mean she was tortured in the future storylines. She was strong because she needed to be for Alex, for the mission. She was calm and collected when she and Alex had their little talk before the torture began. As weird as it sounds to say, I was proud of Diana for holding it together while she was being tortured.

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