Quantico Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Aquline

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The "who can you trust" game is back in full swing.

On Quantico Season 2 Episode 6, the future scenes definitely got a whole lot more interesting. For one, we spent a lot of time there, especially amongst the hostages. It was great to see these well trained CIA operatives (or former recruits) actually do some work and not just sit back as silent hostages.

Granted, I'm still really confused by how all the former recruits knew to go to "Raina" and talk to her. This was the first time they talked to her, at least that we've seen, so it was a little odd how they all flocked to her.

Memories of Simon - Quantico

Still, the hostages are finally being utilized for something other than a reminder that there are hostages. They are what made the future scenes so much for captivating and exciting. Lydia and Alex weren't super boring or anything, but the change up was nice. It's also a lot more interesting to spend the future scenes with the hostages than with the FBI.

Conversations in the future are the best way for the little mini bombshells and twists to come out. It's just a casual, or sometimes heated, conversation, and then as viewers, we hear something and go, "wait, WHAT?!"

There are a couple of those moments in this hour. It's hard to pick which one is the most shocking. Alex getting kicked out by Lydia. Owen being in federal prison courtesy of Alex (somehow). The list goes on. What shocked you the most?

Okay, let's get back to the "Raina" twist. IT WASN'T ACTUALLY RAINA!

I was curious as to why we had only seen one twin in each time, and now it makes sense, sort of. Nimah posing as Raina was a great twist because it was unexpected, and it has serious implications. This means that Nimah is AIC.

Shelby: Did I tell you you could look at my phone?
Nimah: I have a license to snoop.
Shelby: Well, not without a warrant.

Since Miranda is AIC, do we think that Miranda was the one who recruited Nimah? Then, there's also the question of when the recruitment happened – before Nimah became a handler, during the op, or afterwards?

More and more people we like and trust are turning out to be AIC, so it makes you wonder if maybe the AIC isn't all bad, or if we are missing some vital part of their mission statement.

This isn't like last year where it was clear that whoever blew up Grand Central was a horrible person and a terrorist, and it's awesome that we are mixing things up as far as "bad guys" go.

We don't even know what the AIC is after. They did behead the first lady, so I mean, we know they are not the best or most innocent people, but the AIC hasn't done something big, other than taking the G20 hostage.

I'm liking that the AIC could be a morally gray group. Hopefully, we will get to hear a character the we like that's in the AIC explain their position, forcing us to decide who is in the right.

Harry is, by far, my favorite newbie. He is wickedly entertaining, and he's a formidable threat to Alex and Ryan. The best part about that is he's a threat without being a bad guy.

Harry just isn't buying any of their bullshit. He's making Alex and Ryan step up their game. It's refreshing to see Alex and Ryan strike out, like when Ryan fed Harry the fake cover story about the suicide at the Farm, and Harry called him out on it.

If you ever use my past to manipulate me, make sure it's not a story I made up to manipulate someone else. Strike two.


This shows us that Alex and Ryan aren't perfect. They aren't the picture of the perfect FBI agents who are always one step ahead of their foe. No, they are human, and sometimes, their plans don't work.

The lesson of the week at the Farm really isn't anything special.

We did not actually watch the recruits learn or evaluate anything. Sure, we learned what the criteria are for a drone strike, but we did not see everyone break into teams and sift through the evidence. All we got was everyone saying yes or no, and then later we learned that peer pressure exists even in the CIA. I mean, yikes, people. Stand your ground.

The anniversary of Simon's death didn't really do the trick either. It just never landed or resonated, at least not with me. All it did was remind me about how over dramatic the whole phone call with Simon as he drove off the bridge was.

Unfortunately, we are continuing the trend of Owen and Lydia drama, and it still has not gotten any more entertaining.

It seems like this is going to be a storyline that encompasses at least half of the season, and most likely, Alex got Owen thrown into federal prison because of something relating to his quest for answers and justice or whatever his deal is. Are you enjoying Owen's personal vendetta storyline?

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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Aquline Review

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Shelby: Is anyone keeping a weird schedule, sneaking off, doing their own thing?
Alex: You mean like us?

She is too busy internet parenting to be plotting against America.