Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Next to Nothing

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The aftermath of the hurricane should have been as dramatic as the storm itself, especially with two dead bodies in the field, yet somehow Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9 lacked the punch of earlier installments. 

I wish they hadn’t shown the discovery of the two bodies in the previews because then I could have felt as shocked as Charley, Remy, and Ralph Angel at finding them. 

Finding Two Bodies - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9

I kept wondering where Prosper was in all of this. As farm manager, I would have expected him to know the workers’ names, but I guess with the roads still flooded out, he couldn’t make it back to the farm, although it would have been good if the story covered that somehow, because the Deputy seemed to have no trouble making it out there. 

We're just trying to do our jobs. If they don't trust us, it's on them.


It was hard not to feel empathy for the migrant workers. They come here and do back breaking work in the hopes of giving their families a better life. I had no idea that there was no possible path to citizenship for a guest worker. If that’s the case it seems wrong. If you’re willing to work that hard, it seems like there should be some hope of working towards being a citizen if that’s your desire. 

The entire episode felt as maudlin as Aunt Vi’s mood.

Vi is obviously depressed, and with reason; her brother is gone, Ralph Angel and Blue are moving on, and her relationship with Hollywood is on the rocks. 

When I was growing up, caring for the folks you care about was your purpose. The be all and end all and we felt satisfied to be able to do that.


Nova was right, in that Vi needs to find her own purpose, her own joy, that’s separate from those she feels she needs to care for, but what her inner purpose is is still a mystery, even to her.

The most charming part of the hour was Micah and Kiki. That boy was smitten after one look at that girl. I’m guess that staying in Louisiana just got a whole lot more interesting. 

I was also happy to see Ralph Angel willing to give Darla a chance, and I loved that he told her that Blue had to have a booster seat. Despite his mistakes, Ralph Angel is a good father. 

Although I’m rooting for Darla, I do hope they take baby steps moving forward. Unfortunately, addicts are known for their setbacks and Darla and Blue should be closely monitored to make sure she can really handle all of the changes going on in her life; even Darla mentioned how overwhelming taking care of a small child can be at times. 

Finally we get to Remy and Charley and the Queen Sugar quote of the week…

Remy: Everybody around here's grown, including us. Let them see if they want to look.
Charley: And what will they see if they do look?
Remy: A good man telling an extraordinary woman that he don't want to be her friend. It ain't enough.

Sigh. It was good that Remy told Charley how he felt, but I also don’t think she’s anywhere near ready to dive into a romantic relationship. She’s not even divorced yet and the emotional baggage of ending a relationship that has spanned close to two decades won’t be quick or easy. 

Nova Comforts Charley - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9

How long will Remy be willing to wait? I’d bet quite a while, but I’ll be surprised if Remy takes her time before diving in. 

Check back on Monday to see what our other TV Fanatics have to say in our Queen Sugar round table, and if you can’t wait for more, you can watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic.

Next to Nothing Review

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Hollywood: You ever shot a gun before?
Micah: Of course I have.
Kiki: Paintballs don't count.

We're just trying to do our jobs. If they don't trust us, it's on them.