Shameless Season 7 Episode 8 Review: You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?

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Did Fiona go too far? 

That was a key question after Shameless Season 7 Episode 8, when it was confirmed that she would go to any length possible to make the laundromat a success.

Etta is an elderly, vulnerable woman, who should really have someone looking after her and taking care of her finances. As much as I don’t like the way Fiona went through with her purchase of the laundromat, I keep thinking it’s going to come back and bite her in the butt.

Getting Reinstated - Shameless

Hopefully it’s not the case of one of Etta’s distant relatives showing up or something along those lines. That would be predictable on so many levels. Frank showing up and trying to get his foot in the door backed up the fact he is nothing more than a vile opportunist. The only reason he tried to improve the Gallagher household was in the hopes that his family would take pity on him.

Unfortunately, they can’t just erase the hatred they have for the man who brought them into the world. He doesn’t deserve one bit of respect from them. Fiona raised all of her siblings. Frank wouldn’t know how to raise a kid. He’s always bailed in the past. That’s sort of what deadbeat fathers do. I absolutely loved just how brutally honest Ian and Trevor were with him.

As much as everyone hates Frank, he always finds a way to get by, and I don’t think I can stand another storyline that involves him manipulating someone to get what he wants. It’s so tiring watching him move from one opportunity to another. It’s time for the family to find a way to get rid of him for good.

Fiona is going to be in for quite the headache if he moves in with Etta. Frank will definitely find out about Fiona using the credit card and will use the knowledge to bribe his daughter to let him stay put.

One of Frank’s offspring who has definitely learned one of his traits is Debbie. She only moved in with Neil to have a home for herself and Frannie. Do we honestly think if Derek offered to take her back, she would say no? She seemed way too interested in hearing about him when she should have been talking about Frannie.

One of the major flaws with Debbie’s storyline was that she didn’t threaten to call the cops when Tanya and Derek’s mother took the baby. I understand that her maternal instincts kicked in and she went completely crazy at the window.

I mean, Tanya filming her meltdown wouldn’t hold any water because they were the ones who were holding the baby. Last time I checked, Debbie was still the registered guardian.

I guess their defense will be that Neil was not a fit enough person to look after Frannie. The sooner this storyline ends, the better. For a while, it really seemed like Debbie and Fiona were getting closer together again, but all of that went up in flames over Debbie acting like a selfish brat.

She knew Fiona was busy, and just kept bugging her about saying she was working there. Debbie needs to learn that patience is a virtue and stop expecting everyone to drop everything for her. Not everyone can just drop their life to help her out.

Elsewhere, I’m beginning to think Kevin, Veronica and Svetlana could be heading for a break up. I think the three of them became a thing a little too quickly and now that the honeymoon period is over, there are going to be some fireworks. Svetlana absolutely should have consulted with Kevin before hiding the tittie van for one of her insurance scams.

She shouldn’t be just making decisions for herself. That’s not how relationships work. I loved when Kevin offered everyone in the Alibi Room free drinks if they helped Fiona. Veronica’s reaction was to go on the offensive for not keeping her in the loop, but Kevin made it perfectly clear that he hasn’t been kept in the loop about things.

This gave Veronica some food for thought. It might seem like things are okay for now, but expect more drama from this plot.

"You Sold Me The Laundromat, Remember?" was the weakest episode of the season. A lot of the characters were doing questionable things and made me dislike some of them.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • I really don’t care for Lip’s storyline. He comes across as an entitled ass and that’s why he’s going to struggle to move on from all of the drama that came after his hearing. Sierra would be wise to cut her losses with him.
  • Etta claiming that the Chinese woman stole her credit card was hilarious. I was so sure Fiona was going to smack the woman.
  • I’m still not getting on board with Trevor and Ian. Mickey will be back soon. The Gallagher house feels pretty empty. Is it time for some new characters?

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Note: Shameless Season 7 Episode 9 airs November 27 on Showtime.

You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember? Review

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Veronica: Don't you think you should have asked me before giving out free drinks?
Kevin: Well, it's not like you or Svetlana consulted with me about the van.

This house has been weird recently.