Supernatural Round Table: A Goofy Hitler?

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Sam and Dean facing off against the Nazis and Hitler?

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 5 took to another case of the week, but was it even worth it?

TV Fanatic staff writers Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky are ready to talk about “The One You’ve Been Waiting For.”

So put down the grenade launcher, and join in the latest Supernatural Round Table!

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: I mean, guys, Dean killed Hitler. I think beyond that, Sam's reaction to the moment was even better: "Dude! You killed Hitler!" It was hysterical. Another standout moment for me was that final conversation between Sam and Ellie. They had a great spark between them. I'd love to see her come back again.

Alice: I could be lame and say something like “The end, when it was all over,” because I didn’t care for the episode, but I’ll go with the short call with Aaron Bass. I’m glad to see he’s doing so well carrying his grandfather’s work. I wanted a lot more than that, but at least it was good to see him.

Nightsky: Dean wanting to use the grenade launcher and Sam dealing with his incorrigible brother. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles played that up so well. The conversation let us see the brothers as they were before they carried the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Sean: I wanted to get into this episode, but it just wasn’t hitting the mark for me. Though I did think the fight scene with Sam and Dean against the Nazis was well done. It was a pretty intense hand-to-hand fight, and it was good to see the brothers get in more than just one punch and it’s over.  

Were you glad to see the return of the Thule Society as villains for Sam and Dean to face?

Christine: Honestly, I had forgotten about them all together until I saw them in the "Previously On" before the episode started. Is that bad? But as soon as I realized who they were, I jumped right back in.

Alice: I’ve been dying to see another episode with the Thule Society for some time! Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13, “Everybody Hates Hitler,” is one of my favorite episodes. I was very excited to see this episode was coming…until I saw it. What a waste of a concept that had so much potential. I think I’m over them now.

Nightsky: I totally agree with Alice. I was excited about the concept, but the execution made a mockery of both the society and their threat. The setup was great (the watch, antique shop, immolated victims), but once the “High Command” of the Thule started talking, the episode turned into a parody of the former stories.

The German accents were ridiculous and made the characters completely unbelievable. It went downhill from there. The worst part was that I wasn’t ever sure if it was meant to be a parody or if we were supposed to be taking it seriously. 

Sean: Yeah, I remember the episode that first introduced the Thule, but then it was about so much more. Their return, while a great concept, I agree was poorly executed. It just felt goofy and silly rather than menacing or threatening.

Should Aaron have had more of a part to play than just talking on the phone?

Christine: Yes! One thing I love about Supernatural is the way that they keep bringing back characters. But normally, we see them for an entire episode. Aaron seems to have been short-changed a little here! But I'm always happy to see the Winchesters check-in with people they're worked with. I'm sure we'll see Aaron again.

Alice: Oh yes. I was so disappointed when Adam Rose only got a brief cameo in this episode. He should have been there with Sam and Dean for the whole case! After all, going after the Thule Society requires the expertise of the Judah Initiative. This definitely is one of those “What the hell were they thinking?” choices.

Nightsky: Absolutely. Adam Rose brought all the legitimate humor to the first Thule episode. Writing him into this episode would have elevated the plot considerably. Aaron should have been there to deliver such a crippling blow to the organization he gave up his life to pursue and destroy. The problem is that he comes as a matched set with the golem, which would not have worked as well a second time. They need a way to use Aaron without his superhero sidekick.

Sean: Yes. And I almost thought he was only going to be a voice on the phone. At least we saw him, but it was more of a way to just pop him in there and get him out. Disappointing.

What did you think of the character of Hitler?

Christine: He was a bit over-the-top for me. It was distracting, actually. Hitler is history's greatest villain, and this guy acted more like Jimmy Stewart waking up at the end of “It's a Wonderful Life.” It felt really off.

Alice: As soon as Hitler started acting all goofy, I realized that writer Meredith Glynn was a fan of “The Producers.” That’s how Hitler acted in that film/play. I didn’t mind since I loved the film, too, but that characterization of Hitler seemed so off in this episode. Like it was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t. It was kind of dumb.

Nightsky: He was laughable, and not in a good way. How were we supposed to be worried about the serious threat to humanity when I expected the arch villain to twirl his mustache as Dudley Do-Right appeared to save the day?

Sean: Such a waste of a character. Hitler should have been far more menacing. Instead we got this jokey version that seemed so out of place on this type of show. I guess the one good thing is we only had to deal with him for one episode.

Will we see Christoph, the Nazi's son, again, or do you even want to?

Christine: I think similar to the way we get to check-in with others, it would be cool to see Christoh again down the road. But I have a feeling Mr. Ketch is going to check in with Christoph before the Winchesters will, at least if there's anything to be learned from Supernatural Season 12 Episode 4. That poor girl. I'm still not over it.

Alice: Not really. He was weak and not very memorable. I didn’t even know his name was Christoph, which is likely after actor Christoph Waltz (who is awesome). I am glad that Sam and Dean had the decency to let him go, but yeah, I’m with Christine, I wonder if he’ll turn up in a future episode dead.  You can run from the Thule, but not Mr. Ketch!

Nightsky: I actually thought Christoph was one of the more believable characters. I liked his mix of sass and fear (although its placement in the story undermined the Thule threat even further). I think he was a one-time character, though. I don’t see any purpose or scenario that would call for his return.

Sean: I was interested in Christoph’s character, but he didn’t really have much to do. And then he was just sent away. So clearly, the show’s really not that invested in him. He probably won’t be back, especially if Mr. Ketch is out there.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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