Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Memory Lost

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All right final season, let's do this.

On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1, the Wild Hunt has begun, and it is heartbreaking. It's mainly just painful for us, at the moment, because we know what everyone else has forgotten, or rather who everyone else has forgotten – Stiles.

I think that 99% of the viewers came into this premiere knowing that Stiles gets taken. It was never really a secret.

Unwanted assistance - Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1

However, it should have been.

Stiles being taken by the Ghost Riders is set up sooooo nicely. There are a lot of little clues sprinkled throughout the premiere that warn us this is coming. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not like the signs were wasted or anything because we knew the outcome. Each sign that Stiles was next was like a punch in the gut. They were a reminder that pain is coming, and it's coming really soon.

But think about if we didn't know what was coming.

Think about the moment when everything started to click like with the kid wearing Stiles' jersey.This could have been such a shocking and heartbreaking twist that would have broken Twitter, as well as all of our brains. Personally, I wish we didn't know it was coming. Don't you?

Stiles: You'll forget me.
Lydia: I won't. I won't. I won't.
Stiles: You will. Try to find some way to remember me. Okay? Remember how you the first girl I ever danced with? Or how I had a crush on you freshman year? Sophomore year. Senior year? Or how you saved my life?
Lydia: You saved my life too.
Stiles: Just remember, remember I love you.
Lydia: Remember. Remember...remember.

The introduction to the Ghost Riders and the Wild Hunt is nicely done, but there is this feeling of, "now what?" We've identified the big bad, so how long is it going to take the pack to stop them?

If we drag it out too long, then it makes the pack look incompetent or the mystery becomes convoluted with twists and turns.

If anyone watches or watched Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, the whole season is the team fighting the same bad guy over and over in different time periods. After a couple of encounters, you just wonder why the team can't get their shit together and defeat this guy already.

However, the Ghost Riders is a nice way to explain Dylan O'Brien's absence, and it's not like the pack can defeat the Ghost Riders and not bring back Stiles. THAT IS NOT AN OPTION, OKAY?!

teen wolf guy

The season is just beginning, so hopefully this turns into a well-paced storyline. What's your first impression of the Wild Hunt?

I really just want to know why Scott wasn't a target. He did see them, but maybe it doesn't count because Scott witnessed them by witnessing Alex witness them. Yeah, that sort of made sense.

Scott bringing up how Beacon Hills doesn't need him and Stiles anymore is a very interesting conversation because it highlights the fact that Stiles does not want to let go. 

Scott: I can not miss any more classes.
Stiles: Scott.
Scott: I missed 38 last semester.
Stiles: Scott.
Scott: Lydia's mom is the only reason I'm still in school.

Now, this could just be because Stiles does not want to face the fact that everyone is moving on and will be drifting apart as high school ends and college begins, or it could be because Stiles does not want to live a normal life. He might like the danger, the mysteries, and the sense of being aware of something the majority of the world doesn't know about.

It would be really interesting to further explore this with Stiles and even Scott. Liam is already thinking about what life will be like once Scott goes off to college, but it's unclear if Scott has thought about it from a pack perspective. Can you do a long distance Alpha relationship?

Hopefully this season will really focus in on what graduation means to the pack, and we will get to see everyone's thoughts on what should or will happen. 

What did you think of the episode? Do you think there hasn't been a supernatural incident in Beacon Hills in three months because that is how long the Wild Hunt has been going on? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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Memory Lost Review

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

We're all going off to college soon, so Beacon Hills will have to survive without us.


Sheriff: What in the hell were you two thinking?
Scott: We were just trying to help.
Sheriff: Why don't you try and help me understand what the hell happened here?
Stiles: Yeah, well, we were trying to gently persuade him to pull over.