Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Mama's Hideaway

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Oh farts.

Gail is really in trouble now and all she wanted was a space to drink her wine in peace. I can relate to that.

Meanwhile, on The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 7 the rest of the group is busy planning family photos, soothing a new baby, and learning about the power of flight.

The Family Photo - The Last Man on Earth

Lewis stops by Tandy and Carol's house to thank Tandy for inspring him on their trip to Seattle. It seems he's not ready to give up on Mark just yet. He's decided to learn how to fly so he can one day go to Toyko and look for him.

I'm all for this idea. They have nothing else to do, why not learn something useful? It's also nice to see Lewis and Tandy finally getting along.

Your smile is super infectious, like the virus.

Tandy Miller

Todd visits Melissa and is introduced to baby Aldin, a doll strapped to Melissa's belly. Todd tries to talk to the baby but Melissa shuts him down saying it's not real. Todd is relieved until Melissa starts apologizing to baby Aldin who is upset she said that.

It's hilarious to see Melissa go from sane to crazy without blinking an eye. I loved all of her interactions with baby Aldin. She's upset that Todd doesn't want to make a baby with her and breaks up with him.

Carol tries to approach Gail on her own but ends up interrupting "mommy's quiet time" and accusing her of drinking too much.

You leave my beverages out of this!

Gail Klosterman

This leads to more mother/teenage daughter bickering which I absolutely love. The fight ends with Carol being sent to her room and Gail's decision to find a new hideway.

At Todd's request, Tandy drives the bumper car over to check on Melissa who immediately asks him to make a baby with her. Luckily for Carol, Tandy says no.

This is actual proof that Tandy has grown as person, even if he can still be a little over the top and annoying.

Todd's dancing FINALLY returns!

It's literally one of my favorite things about this show. Grey's Anatomy had Meredith and Cristina dance it out when they were stressed. Last Man on Earth has Todd turning to pop and lock therapy.

Gail goes shopping for more wine to show Carol just how much she drinks. Meanwhile Carol is pouting in her room. Tandy approaches her and she freaks out screaming that she needs her space. She realizes that's all Gail needed too and goes to apologize.

Lewis and Tandy are in the new plane when the power goes out. This is the third time its happened this episode.

They go to investigate and find out they're supplying power to all of the buildings in the complex. Well, there's an easy fix for that -- cut off power to the other buildings because nobody is in them anyway.

Unfortunately, Gail has made one of them "Mama's hideaway" and is in the elevator when Lewis and Tandy shut off the power. She may have plenty of wine but she is still screwed since no one knows where she is.

Todd tries to talk to Melissa one last time.

You can push me away all you want but I'm going to be like a freaking boomerang, coming right back every time because that's what you do for the people you love.


She realizes he's right and does the only thing that makes sense in her screwed up mind -- leaves the group. Poor baby Aldin is abandoned by his fake mother with a note that simply says "good-bye."

So that's all folks. How in the world are they going to find Gail? Will Melissa really leave or just hole up in one of the nearby buildings? Lewis decided to learn how to fly. What would you spend your time doing if you had all the time and resources in the world?

If you missed this episode and want to watch it or any other episodes or seasons, you can always watch The Last Man on Earth online via TV Fanatic.

Mama's Hideaway Review

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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

It's like Christmas day and I got all the presents I asked for.


Your smile is super infectious, like the virus.

Tandy Miller