Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 8 Review: The Results

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The "woe is me" President has finally left the building.

President Kirkman finally came into his own on Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 8 while dealing with a national emergency, a personal emergency, and a shocking confession.

Kirkman New DS

In the old days, Kirkman would have been wallowing for hours after seeing the ricin victim's daughter on the news. He would have postponed the elections, beating himself up for not being right for the job. Again.

This time around though, he took the daughter's words to heart and gave a riveting speech about civic duty. He wants to get the government back up and running, and he urged everyone to go out and vote.

And, you'd think everyone would want to get the government up and running. How many weeks has it been without a government? Are there any services still running? Where's the money coming from? Who's doing the running?

I'm not going to get into a long diatribe about all the illogicalness taking place on Designated Survivor, because there are a lot of things that happen on this show that make no sense, but I have to admit, I was as disappointed as Kirkman and gang looked when they walked into an empty polling place.

Not that I expected there to be crowds, but there should have been more people. The President showing up to vote is a given, so it seemed a bit hokey that seeing him vote would inspire gazillions of people to come out of hiding to vote. They should have been there in the first place. 

Ricin or not. Are people really going to cower in fear over every little thing? Did the American people cower after 9/11? Did they stop taking plane trips? Did they stop going to work? No. They kept on going.

We cannot live in fear. We will not live in fear.


I wasn't too fond of Kirkman's conversation with Alex that the election couldn't be fair if only 10 percent of people came out to vote. That he believed that percentage couldn't and shouldn't represent the entire country. 

Well, I'm sorry. If people don't want to vote, is it really the problem of the people who did vote? Everyone had the opportunity. It was his or her choice not to vote. You can't force people to vote, and you can't punish them for doing so. 

It's a tricky thing, and it would have been interesting to see how Designated Survivor would have handled it, but I was glad (even though it was hokey) to see the gazillions of people coming out to elect their new leaders.

Kirkman should be proud.

The investigation into the Capitol bombing has finally gotten pretty darn interesting. I did not see Jason "confessing" to the Nassar murder coming at all. 

And, while I thought MacLeish was definitely involved in the bombing, it was surprising to find out that he is in the same sort of threatening boat that Jason is in.

So, what does that mean? 

Hookstraten made it clear she wants to bring Kirkman down. No surprise there. But, could she be behind this all. Could she be the master of the puppet strings?

And where does Aaron fit into all this? Is the Mysterious Texter part of the Trench Coat Lady's team?

I'm trying to remember what the file was that Aaron got way back in the first or second episode. Was that ever determined? Do we know who that mystery woman was? Could she be involved in all this?

Hannah seems to be getting closer, but every time she unravels something, a new mystery appears. What exactly is 11:14? Was that the time MacLeish met with the Trench Coat Lady? Did Hannah see the meeting? Or does it mean something else?

I don't know about you guys, but I am so glad the "Who's My Daddy" story is over. My eyes rolled so far back into my head when Kirkman handed those DNA results to Leo unopened. And, it was ridiculous that Leo didn't open the envelope.

The kid's got a lot of self control, because I would've ripped open that envelope the minute it was handed to me. At least Kirkman showed his human side when he opened the envelope later. He had to have been dying to know the truth. 

Still, the whole storyline was a joke, and I'm glad it's over. Though, there was a good quote that came out of it. It had me rolling with laughter:

I believe our country is only as strong as our journalists. I expect you to keep us honest.


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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I believe our country is only as strong as our journalists. I expect you to keep us honest.


We know Kirkman can't get out of his own way.