Queen Sugar Round Table: Will Ralph Angel Take Over?

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It was the Queen Sugar season finale as Nova and Calvin had their first real date, Charley resorted to blackmail and manipulation to get what she wanted, and Ralph Angel got the shock of his life on “Give Us This Day.”

Our TV Fanatics, Jasmine Blu, Lee Jutton, and Christine Orlando, are here to debate the farm’s future, Ralph Angel’s choices, Nova and Calvin’s disastrous date night and what their favorite scenes from Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 13

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Should Ernest have given the farm to Ralph Angel over his siblings?

Jasmine: You know what? I can understand why he did it. As he said, Ralph Angel needed it the most. he has been the one who prioritizes the farm over everything. It never was a burden or anything like that to him, like it was at times for his sisters.

Plus, it was like giving him one last lesson to learn posthumously. Giving Ralph Angel that kind of responsibility would give him that sense of pride and honor that he's always looking for.

Lee: I definitely understand why he did it, especially considering Ralph Angel's situation at that point in time. Ernest knew Ralph Angel needed something to motivate him to get back on his feet, something to give him a reason to get up in the morning and work hard without succumbing to his old bad habits.

I hope that the knowledge that his father meant the farm for him gives Ralph Angels some more self-confidence when it comes to dealing with his sisters. 

Christine: I understand why he did it, but I can still see how it can be hurtful to his sisters. The farm is their family’s legacy and as much as I’d loved to see Ralph Angel step up and run things, I hate to see his sisters get shut out. 

Will Ralph Angel try to take control of the farm? Should he?

Jasmine: Well, he IS impulsive. I can see him trying to at first instead of looking at the bigger picture here. He always feels like he has something to prove, and his sisters tend to steamroll him. I can definitely see him making a play just because he has the documentation to back him. I just don't think he should.

They really need to work together on this and Charley actually is pulling this mill thing off right now.

Lee: I really hope he doesn't try to make a power play and wrest the farm away from his siblings; I want to see the three of them work together to make the farm a success.

That being said, even though Charley's plan appears to be working, she does need to learn to value her brother and his opinions about how the farm should be run. So, I can totally see Ralph Angel using the updated will as a way to get Charley to take him seriously. After all, it seems that nothing else will. 

Christine: I have no doubt that Ralph Angel will try and use that document to gain Charley’s respect, but the truth is that Charley has sunk a huge amount of money into the farm. That alone could legally make her part owner unless Ralph Angel can pay her back. But I hope that the siblings eventually realize that they are stronger together then they are apart. 

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Will Hollywood and Vi reconcile, even with a six month separation standing between them?

Jasmine: YES!! A little time can do the body good! I always have faith in those two and that hasn't changed. They'll find their way back to each other because they truly love each other. Maybe the distance will help them come to grips with there communication issues.

Lee: Yes, definitely. This is the only romantic relationship on the show that i can really believe in and I don't want it taken away from me! I think the time apart will give Vi a little more time to focus on herself and the restaurant, and that can only be a good thing.

As we've talked about before, this is someone who has spent her entire life taking care of others. She needs time to take care of herself before she lets Hollywood back in. But I really, really hope she does. 

Christine: Then we’re all on the same page. I think Hollywood and Vi are meant to be, but they could use a bit of a breather after all they’ve been through. Hopefully absence will only make their hearts grow fonder. 

How shocked were you at the turn that Nova and Calvin’s date took?

Jasmine: OMG!! I was shocked. I was so caught up in the amazing New Orleans scenery and vibe, and their great chemistry that I sort of forgot about everything else. I especially forgot about Nova writing that article, and it all came crashing down. Of course there would be backlash, and none of it has died down. 

When that jackass talked down to her and grabbed her I was so horrified. But by the time he spit on her my hands were shaking. It is one of the most despicable, vile, shocking, and humiliating things to have someone do to you...God I hated to see their happy bubble burst after that progress made when he actually took her out on a proper date.

Lee: I was disgusted by that cop's behavior towards Nova, and pleasantly surprised at the way Calvin stepped up to defend her. I've been back and forth about Calvin and the seriousness of his intentions towards Nova, but it seems that he really does love her, value her and take their newly public relationship seriously.

I hope this despicable incident doesn't lead him to question that, as before everything went down, I was finally starting to believe in them as a couple. The way he put a suit on for her, and let himself loose on the dance floor, was really endearing. 

Christine: I can’t say I was shocked, appalled, but not shocked. I spent that entire date holding my breath because I figured something was going to go wrong, I just didn’t think it would be that awful. I can only imagine that the fallout will continue for both of them, I only hope it doesn’t become life threatening because I can see things escalating that way. 

Was there anything that disappointed you about Queen Sugar Season 1?

Jasmine: At the risk of sounding redundant, I really, really, really had hoped to learn more about the mothers of the Bordelon children. It so clearly affects them and their relationships even now. My curiosity has been piqued when it comes to that and I want to know more!

Lee: I agree with Jasmine 100%. When Nova mentioned to Too Sweet that she stepped up to take care of him the way others had for her in the past, I immediately wanted to know what kinds of things she had been through as a young woman. And, to that effect, what role her mystery mother played in these events.

And the same goes for the other siblings as well. They are so radically different and I want to know more about why. As much as I love the structure of the show as is, I wouldn't mind seeing some flashbacks next season, to further flesh out these backstories. 

Christine: Yes! I really expected to find out more about the mothers of these siblings. There has to be a huge story there and they never even touched on it in Queen Sugar Season 1. That was kind of disappointing. 

What was your favorite scene from the season finale?

Jasmine: Tough call. I think I'm going to go with that final scene with Charley standing in front of that mill after writing Queen Sugar in the dirt. I'm a sucker for meta moments. She's so fiery and focused. I respect the hell out of her, and am always impressed and in awe of her gumption, but that was such a quiet moment after she spent most of the episode kicking ass. I loved it.

Lee: I loved the 'Queen Sugar" moment too. It was so fierce and powerful, just like Charley. I also loved seeing her storm into the strip club to give Felix what for. Like the moment in the hotel bar where she sugarcoated the bitter pill of blackmail for Lena, I just loved watching her go after what she wanted with both hands.

When Charley politely accepted the champagne from the waitress in the club and continued to strong arm Felix without stopping to take a breath, I wanted to toast her with a glass of my own. She is indeed the queen of "Queen Sugar." 

Christine: Yeah, Charley had all my favorite moments. First when she told Davis exactly what he’d lost, and then later when he blackmailed Felix. There are times when Charley’s single-minded focus is a detriment (like when she blows off Remy, again!) but it’s difficult not to admire her intelligence, determination, and guile.

Davis Makes a Deal - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 13

What do you hope to see in Queen Sugar season 2?

Jasmine: I hope to see the Bordelon family and the rest of the community really come together to get this Mill going. I really want to see Vi and Hollywood reunite. I also want to see how Novin navigate their relationship. Will Nova shut him out because it's going to be a rocky road? Will Calvin lose his career over Nova?

I want to see Charley sort out all this mess with Davis because it's not fair to Remy or any of them. Also, as said above, I want to dig deeper into the Bordelon family history.

Lee: Yes, more Bordelon family history for sure! That's top of my Queen Sugar wish list. I would also like to see more of Micah and his new life. Sure, the saga of being a teenager can seem insignificant in comparison with the big business wheelings and dealings of Micah's mother, but he's a member of the family too and deserves to have his story told.

And of course, I want to see the Landrys and Boudreaux get torched by the Bordelons and their allies in the community, figuratively, of course, though literally wouldn't be too bad either.

Christine: I really want to see the Bordelon siblings band together to make both the farm and the mill a success because I have no doubt that Landrys and Boudreauxs will fight them at every turn. I’d love to know the history of the siblings mothers too because it would just explain so much about their relationships. Overall, I’m just grateful that we get to look forward to Queen Sugar Season 2 next year. 

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Charley: We can't play it small. This is exactly what daddy wanted.
Ralph Angel: You're wrong. Everybody ain't playing games like you, Charley. Pops wanted to live on his own two feet. He wanted to work his land and bring in enough so he could do it again the next year. He wasn't trying to build no empire. Don't put this on him. This is all about you.

Charley: Whatever's happened between us, two things are sure: you'll always be Micah's father and I'll always be your biggest fan.