The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Three Rooms

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Demons live on in Chicago, but Pazuzu is Rags-less.

The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 10 circled right back around to The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 1 by delivering on the promise of the intricate relationship between Father Tomas and Marcus, rescuing the Rance family and ensuring God was never out of reach.

This was all done masterfully by not only including characters from the original movie, but ensuring the laying the groundwork for what could be an interesting second season (if it's God's will).

Destroying Angela - The Exorcist

It will be a terrible shame if there isn't a second season of The Exorcist, because this ended exactly where I wanted it two upon my first review. 

It was initially hard to imagine what trajectory the series would take; if it was to focus on family first, as the showrunner believed it needed to draw in viewers and get them hooked, would it be sustainable?

Now that it's wrapped, the bigger picture seems to be the family drama was used to draw us back into the original world of The Exorcist. It reinvested us in the religious aspect and what the priests do.

And invested we are.

I could watch Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera fight demons for a long time to come, and if Kurt Egyiawan can show up to guide them now and again, even better. 

Lost Marcus, Father Tomas and Father Bennett were quite the trio in the finale. Marcus had never been stronger, Bennett was overcome by a bit of humor and an overwhelming dose of nostalgia, while Tomas discovered his calling and finally saw God.

Where Am I? - The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 10

It's hard to say whether it's the end of the road for Regan MacNeil/Angela Rance and her family or not, but she found the strength through her family to stand up to Pazuzu/Captain Howdy and wage quite the war upon him.

I'm tired. I'm tired of looking over my shoulder and watching you hurt my family. I'm tired of letting you win! You want me? Come and get me.


As Tomas lay on the floor behind the family, fighting his way out of a fugue state to lead the charge against Pazuzu, Tomas was seeing a faux Marcus who was both taunting him and helping him to wake.

To be honest, I'm unsure exactly who was with Tomas in his state of mind. Given the situation with Regan in the closet, my first guess was Pazuzu. After all, they were in close proximity.

Tipping His Hat - The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 10

But if that was truly Pazuzu at the wheel of Faux Marcus, he wasn't driving that vehicle very well at all. Marcus began asking the right questions of Tomas so he would rethink his reality and wake the hell up.

Faux Marcus: Integration is permanent, Tomas. You can't beat her. Hell, even I couldn't beat her, and I'm actually good at this.
Tomas: You're not Marcus.
Faux Marcus: And you're not an exorcist.

Only awake could he exorcise Pazuzu. Or did Pazuzu want him awake to slit his own throat?

Real Marcus found himself tied up and beside Bennett, gloriously alive after being kidnapped with a plastic bag over his head. 

Good news. You know that mole there might be inside the church? I think I might be onto something.


Did anyone else laugh out loud when Bennett said that to Marcus? Even more refreshing was the laughter that followed from them both. Never let the bastards get you down.

And, oh, how they tried. But Simon? He's not so great at his job. He had a lot of faith in his demon ashes doing his dirty work while he ran off to kill Pope Sebastien.

Especially after he tried the soft sell on Marcus who laughed again, this time in Simon's face, because Simon truly didn't understand from where Marcus was coming.

Simon thought if Marcus learned the church where he was raised and then excommunicated really didn't give two hoots about him, he'd suddenly want to play for the other team. Why would he want to die for the team that betrayed him?

Marcus launched into that age-old tale about blind, deaf men put into a room, asked to touch different parts of an elephant and describe what they're feeling. Simon was only too familiar with the adage.

Then you should know that you're wasting your time, because I didn't touch a trunk, or an ear. I saw the whole damn elephant! Twelve years old! Staring down one of your bastard brothers, and the world cracked in half! And I saw God on the other side! I'm not dying for the bloody church. I am dying for him.


The look on Simon's face was a mixture of wonder, anger and jealousy. All he could do was toss the ash and leave, but not before once again insulting Maria Walters.

Doing that, though, was the perfect way to save Bennett. Only by egging on Maria was Marcus able to get her to take in the demon she'd been begging for all along, freeing Bennett who would have taken a demon willingly, being so badly damaged by torture.

Was it God who interfered with Simon's plan to kill Pope Sebastien, allowing enough time for Marcus to get there to kill Simon? The ringing, the blood from the orifices of the onlookers? 

That was happening in conjunction with Regan's exorcism, the family standing up to Pazuzu and saving the one they loved, with Father Tomas finding his footing as an exorcist, using the power granted to him by God.

Another reason to see a second season would be more of Pope Sebastien, as any excuse for Bruce Davison on TV is always welcome. Surely FOX sees the potential with Daniels, Herrera, Davison, Tim Hopper and Kirsten Fitzgerald, right?

Partnership - The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 10

Tomas: You said I have nothing. You are wrong. I have love, I have hope, and I have faith. These things are not weaknesses. They make me what I am.
Faux Marcus: And what's that?
Tomas: An exorcist.

Not only were all of these moments together one hell of a finale, but individually, they made for incredible scenes and quotable bits. I shivered a bit when Tomas finally realized he'd become an exorcist, even if he still wanted training.

The talk Marcus had with Casey at the end was beautiful, and why wouldn't we want to see more of those? Maybe it wouldn't be one family per season, but two or more while Tomas trains and they battle the Friars or whoever they are along the way.

Cause that's the deal we make everyday when we get up in the morning. Hurt me all you want, but the bastards don't get to win.


But the takeaway, even if we are not so lucky to get what we want, since we can't always get what we want, is that good prevails. 

Keep on fighting, and even your losses make you stronger providing an arsenal of weapons for you to use when things get tougher than you ever thought possible. Stand strong. You can do this. You are loved.

There is nothing corny about that message, and if you think there is, back it up, watch The Exorcist online and try again. This has been empowering, thought-provoking and worthy television. 

It's been scary, thrilling and intense. Let's not forget humorous and historic (it did give us closure on one of the best movies of all time, far better than parts two and three).

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Let me know what you thought of the finale and if you want another season. I can't wait to hear from you! Merry Christmas to all.

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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Good news. You know that mole there might be inside the church? I think I might be onto something.


Pazuzu: I'm not possessed, Father. This is integration. You know what that means. There's no Angela left to save. No prayer that's gonna bring her back. There's just me.
Father Tomas: I don't believe that you're integrated.
Pazuzu: Which begs the question. How far are you willing to take this?
Father Tomas: As far as it goes.
Pazuzu: And here I thought you were the cuddly one.