The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Pantygate

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You get a pair of underwear! You get a pair of underwear!

It's all about Erika Jayne and "pantygate" on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 4.

Questioning Erika - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

All of the women have specific jobs that they are preparing for, including Rinna on HSN and Vanderpump and her dog charity.

Eileen is practicing guitar with her son, and I think it might be time for a crossover with "Lock" (Shannon from Real Housewives of Orange County kid's band). Meanwhile, Erika is preparing for her role on Young and the Restless.

I'm a showgirl, I put on shows.


Vanderpump meets with Kyle to discuss Erika's #pantygate and the fact that Dorit's husband PK couldn't look away when she wasn't wearing underwear during the latest white party.

I saw what Mr. Girardi been munching on for the last 20 years.

Lisa Vanderpump

It's clear that Erika's lack of underwear is going to be a problem, and it's hard to believe this is what the women are worried about.

The audience learns a lot about new housewife Dorit at her daughter's doctor's appointment when she gets her headgear removed. Turns out there might be more to her than rose-gold Bentleys (maybe).

Rinna is going to be on QVC selling sweaters eight different times over 24 hours, and she can pretend she doesn't love the attention, but she would def do it for 72 hours straight if they let her.

My manufacturer, who does my line, said to me 'tell Harry, he never has to work again, a day in his life, if he doesn't want to.'


She calls Harry after her marathon on QVC and he reassures her that her sweaters are "cool." Countess LuAnn could do a remix about Rinna's sweaters to make sure people aren't "uncool" and buy the clothes.

LuAnn uncool

Kyle is casting her TVLand show that is loosely based on her life, and personally, I'm fascinated by the project. Kathy Hilton pre-Hiltons and Kim Richards pre-breakdown? Sign me up.

Lisa and Ken visit a local dog charity and are continuing their life mission to stop dog mistreatment and abuse. Lisa is basically your real-life Elle Woods (specifically from Legally Blonde 2).

It's always interesting to see these ladies talk about their kids. I'm sure they are all decent mothers at the end of the day, but from what you see on the show, it doesn't seem like most of them spend any time at home. Like ever.

Dorit goes to Eileen and Rinna to talk about "pantygate," but it's clear that the other ladies do not want to cross Erika Jayne. They play along and humor Dorit, but they also pretend like it's not a big deal if you forget to cross your legs.

Eileen: It's the crotch chronicles.
Dorit: It's the snatch chat.

Dorit is shopping for "bomber jackets' with Kyle, and debates whether or not she looks like Rizzo in her pink jacket. I think she might be more Stephanie Zinone and less Sandra Dee.

She decides to buy Erika tan underwear to give her as a gag gift after pantygate, and Kyle kind of pretends that it's a good idea and kind of looks at Dorit like she is insane.

All of the ladies meet at "The Panic Room" activity and Dorit gives Erika her gift joking about how everyone, including her husband, saw up her skirt.

This is a cheeky little gift since we've all seen your pretty little puss now.


Erika explains that she wasn't wearing underwear because she didn't want lines on her dress, but Dorit seems to think like she did it on purpose.

The more you talk about shit, the worse it gets.


Vanderpump shows up and also comments on Erika's underwear situation, but Erika takes the high road (for the first time in Real Housewives history?!) and insists they start the escape room activity. 

I'm escaping not only from the room, but from Eileen Davidson.


All we really learned from the escape room exercise is none of these women would make it on Survivor because they can't solve a puzzle to save their lives.

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