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Did Amelia get the money back?

That was addressed on Pitch Season 1 Episode 10 when she confronted Will about the missing money from the restaurant fund.

Meanwhile, on this addictive Fox drama, Ross warned the Padres that Ginny was closing in on her pitch limit, but management was reluctant to bring her season to a close.

Was there a way around the legality to allow her to play for longer?

Use the video above to watch Pitch online to get caught up on all the latest drama for Ginny and her friends.

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Pitch Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Evelyn: What? Things got weird with Mike? How far did it go? Does the carpet match the face?
Ginny: Ew! No, it wasn't like that. I can't talk about this.

Oh thank God, if one more person ignores me, I'm going to lose my damn mind. [Mike ignores her] Really?