Watch Younger Online: Season 3 Episode 11

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It's to the book fair they go on Younger Season 3 Episode 11.

Liza was put on the defensive when she discovered someone with clout has her secret.

What did it mean for Liza and for Millennial Print? Surprisingly, the two became intertwined. 

We like to call that blackmail. 

Things didn't turn out all bad, though, as Liza and Charles grew a little closer when they shared an evening together.

But was it too close for Josh? How would he have even known? Because there are some secrets that cannot be kept.

Find out what went down at the book fair when you watch Younger online.

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Younger Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Emily: Liza. I know you're 40.
Liza: What?! Why would you say that?

So you have knees!