Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Genetics

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Who cheats on a psychological evaluation and is that the person you want as a police officer?

That was just one of the many questions that had to be answered on Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 11.

When I first heard that cadets at the police academy had cheated on their psych eval, the answer seemed pretty clear; they should be kicked out, but things quickly got more complicated.

Investigating Cadets - Blue Bloods

All of the recruits being military veterans really didn’t change my mind at first. Cheating is wrong and if they’re willing to bend or break the rules now, what kind of judgement will they have once they’re given a badge and a gun?

If you’re starting off on the wrong foot, where do you end up?

I also had no sympathy for Sgt. Vega, the Recruit Discipline Officer. If he knew there was a problem with the exam, he should have made sure that everyone from his immediate superior up to the police commissioner knew about it too.

Feeding the cadets the “right” answers or looking the other way while they cheated was wrong. In my opinion, he’s lucky he wasn’t fired.

I was glad to see Frank take the test himself. His military and police backgrounds gave him a unique perspective…

Garrett: So the recruits were in a tough spot.
Frank: Relatively speaking.
Garrett: Relative to what?
Frank: Being under fire in 120 degree heat in the middle of the desert is a tough spot, taking a test in an air conditioned classroom, not so much.

Giving everyone a mulligan at the end was generous but fair given the circumstances, although I had to wonder how Frank’s secret meeting could be kept secret if he was doing the psych evaluations himself.

Elsewhere, Jack blindsided Linda by telling her that he planned to join the Marines. I don’t think any mother takes that news well, and Linda was no exception. 

Danny: I will talk to him, man to man, father to son, and I will figure out where his head is.
Linda: You better get on the right side here, Danny.

For once, I thought Danny was the person with the calm, reasonable, common sense approach. 

Jack was going to make this decision on his own and fighting him on it would only have him enlisting just to rebel against his parents. Instead, Danny tried to get him to see all sides. 

Reagan Family Dinner - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 7

In this Blue Bloods quote, Frank reminded everyone how rare it is for people to truly think about what it means to serve something other than themselves…

Jack, the fact that you even considered the Core says something. It means you're thinking about what can I do for my country, not just what I can do for me.


Jamie and Erin’s storylines intersected with a messy adoption case. 

Despite Erin’s warnings about Jamie overstepping his role as a police officer, I thought that trying to help was the right thing to do. The only fault I found was that neither Jamie nor Erin seemed to ask the right questions.

Why didn’t anyone ask the Reddings why they put Kyle up for adoption in the first place, why they felt they didn’t understand the paperwork they signed and what had changed since then? 

It felt as though both sides were so panicked and emotional that they couldn’t recognize the other’s point of view. 

The entire case felt a little convoluted. Gwen apparently settle for a sham of a marriage in order to have a child, and we never really got the Redding's story at all. 

In the end, we can only hope that Gwen and Carla and John Redding come up with some sort of a compromise. A child deserves to have as many people in his life that love him as possible, not have them tear each other apart. 

A Secret Meeting - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 11

Did you think that Jack would enlist? Will the Reagan family legacy of service continue with the next generation and if so, how?

And did Frank do the right thing for the new recruits who had cheated?

Check back next week for my review of Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 12.

If you can’t wait to see more of the Reagans, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic.

Genetics Review

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

You made a commitment. We keep our promises, end of story.


Danny: I will talk to him, man to man, father to son, and I will figure out where his head is.
Linda: You better get on the right side here, Danny.