Bones Season 12 Episode 1 Review: The Hope in the Horror

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The final chapter of Bones begins, and I’m expecting a lot from these last 12 episodes, especially after having endured the utter debacle that was Castle Season 8 last year.

Our first look at the final season, Bones Season 12 Episode 1, did not disappoint. 

Zack Abducts Brennan - Bones

Although this installment wasn’t as heart pounding as the end of Bones Season 11 Episode 22, it still had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing. 

Part of my lack of white knuckled excitement was due to the fact that I knew Zack wasn’t actually going to kill Brennan, because who would have tuned in for the next 11 episodes if he had?

But was Zack Addy really the serial killer known as The Puppeteer? That was a question for which I didn’t have an answer.

There’s always been something about Zack’s shy, child-like, anti-social behavior that I’ve found sad, endearing, and a little bit creepy all at once. 

Could he have finally snapped, especially after losing Sweets, and been suffering from multiple personality disorder? For a few moments, I thought it was possible. 

Then again, I had a whole list of other possible suspects too including Dr. Falk, Dr. Roshon, Dr. Karen Delf, and even Wendell, although I prayed it wasn’t him. 

The person I was hoping was guilty was Karen. I’m sure she has her fans, but Dr. Karen Delf is the character equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard to me. I find her irritating and was thrilled when she went off to Kansas City.

Knowing that Karen is back is one of the few disappointments of Bones season 12, and my fear is that they’ll have her romantically paired with Aubrey before the show is over. 

By far, my favorite moment was when Booth found Brennan.

He was terrified he was going to lose her, and even though Brennan was safe right in front of him, you don’t shut off that kind of fear like a switch. The hug, along with Booth’s plea of, “Stop talking. Please. Stop,” was just what Booth, Brennan, and the audience needed in that moment. 

Booth Searches For Brennan - Bones Season 12 Episode 1

Now for my big question…why doesn’t Zack like Booth? He spied on all of his friends via their email accounts, which is stalkerishly creepy, but not Booth because he doesn’t consider him a friend. He even went so far as to cut Booth’s head out of Booth's wedding photos with Brennan. 

Zack hasn’t been around in several seasons, so my memory may be a little fuzzy. So I’m asking you, my fellow Bones fans, has Zack always felt this way about Booth?

The other surprising turn was Hodgins’ fury as evidenced in this Bones quote

If I had been in that basement, this needle here wouldn't be in evidence. Nope, I would have shoved it down his throat and made sure it punctured every one of his organs on the way down.


Obviously, in that moment, Hodgins believed that Zack was the Puppeteer and was enraged that he would abduct Brennan as part of his plot.

Oddly enough, he was far less angry about his former friend pretending to be a world renowned neurologist and prescribing a course of treatment that would cause him pain, yet had less than a 1% chance of success. 

It was Hodgins and Angela coming to terms with the fact that he would most likely never walk again that evoked tears.

They’ve been through so much and having Zack dangle hope in front of them and then take it away seemed very unfair. 

I’m still processing Dr. Roshon being The Puppeteer. The conjoined twins twist was certainly unique but it felt as though this story was wrapped up a little too quickly.

I was expecting to have to wait a few more episodes before finding out whether or not Zack was the killer. 

On the upside, perhaps Zack will finally be exonerated for murder, something fans have been waiting to see for several seasons. 

As much as I’m going to miss Bones, I’m thrilled that the writers appear to be taking the time to wrap up loose ends and give us a finale season we can enjoy. 

Fingers crossed that’s the way we’re heading.

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The Hope in the Horror Review

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Bones Season 12 Episode 1 Quotes

You'd think he was harmless as a child; that's what we all thought last time.


I know that you are used to me being your assistant, always telling me what to do; today the shoe is on the other foot.