Bones Season 12 Episode 3 Review: The New Tricks in the Old Dogs

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Life is filled with the unexpected.

You never know what might happen next, and if you’re lucky, you just might like it. 

The Acid Dump - Bones

Such as when Brennan asked Booth to get a vasectomy on Bones Season 12 Episode 3.

These two have the most interesting conversations in the car. 

Booth, why are you covering yourself? I'm not going to perform the procedure myself, in a car.


Booth’s reaction was classic. Sex without the worry of having children might sound great, but the thought of what it takes to make that happen had him cowering in his car seat. 

I was a little surprised that Angela equated his reaction to being Catholic. Isn't the Catholic church against any form of birth control? I assume Booth and Brennan are using something or else they’d probably have more kids than just Christine and Hank.

As Brennan herself pointed to her and Booth’s premarital sex before marriage, clearly exceptions can be made, at least by Booth. 

No, I’d say his aversion to a vasectomy had a lot more to do with being male than it did to his religious beliefs. 

Booth: I'm a sniper, you hear me, and snipers they do not fire blanks.
Brennan: And in that analogy, my ovaries are what, target practice?

Booth obviously equated his ability to produce children with believing himself a strong, capable man…or maybe he just didn’t like the idea of someone cutting into his male anatomy. 

Somehow, I’d guess that Brennan’s assurances that the procedure is scalpel free probably didn’t assuage those fears. 

I thought that Brennan’s feelings about not being ready to close that door yet and being open to the possibility of the unexpected was a great way to leave things. 

Toxic Waste Season 12 Episode 3

She’s fairly certain they don’t want another child, but both Christine and Hank were surprises and have brought her great joy, so she’s open to another if it should happen. 

Although Booth and Brennan are not the couple I expect to be adding to their family in the near future. 

Elsewhere, we heard that Hodgins and Angela are back in the saddle…of his wheelchair. 

When they said that Hodgins had had a wheelchair accident, I expected we’d see some sort of drama, but when he turned up at the lab chipper and smiling, I knew the wheelchair mishap had to do with sex.

As these two have talked about expanding their family over the last couple of years, it wouldn’t surprise me if Angela is pregnant with their second child before the end of Bones season 12

And I absolutely loved that Arastoo wanted to adopt one of the many homeless, refugee children in the world after he and Cam are married.

I only wish that we had more episodes left in the series so that we could see exactly how that story plays out. 

Aubrey: This is a black kale, chia smoothie.
Booth: Why are you drinking that? Did you lose a bet or something?
Brennan: Do you have an infected lesion?

Black kale and chia in a smoothie? For the actor's sake, I hope that wasn't what was in that cup.

Apparently, a disgusting smelling smoothie and Aubrey’s admission of doing a junk food cleanse for Jessica were our only clues so far that these two are still a couple. 

Although if Aubrey eating healthy for any length of time is a deal breaker for Jessica, I don’t think this romance has much of a future. 

Aubrey's Kale and Cheese Smoothie - Bones Season 12 Episode 3

Finally we get to the murder of the week…

Were those kids who found the body really only in the 7th grade? Why were they sneaking around illegal toxic waste dumping sites at night. Where were their parents?

I loved Brennan’s affection and enthusiasm for the kids’ curious minds; it made me wish we could jump ahead ten years to see how she and Booth react to some of Christine and Hank’s future experiments. 

As for the murderer, I felt much like Aubrey in this Bones quote

Unlike Booth, I am an equal opportunity accuser. See, I don't care about sex, age...just motive and opportunity.


The moment Booth bonded with Red Hudmore over his military background, I figured Red would end up being the murderer, although I had hoped otherwise. 

It was sweet to see Booth’s excitement over Red’s tattoo and it was a reminder of how much he probably misses his own grandfather. 

Red being the killer did leave me with one question, how did he get James’ body in that barrel of acid? 

As the episode ended, I realized we hadn’t gotten anything more about Max or, what I can only assume, is his serious medical condition. I hope they don’t leave us, or Brennan, in the dark on that for much longer. 

Check back on Friday to see what our Bones round table team has to say about “The New Tricks in the Old Dogs.”

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The New Tricks in the Old Dogs Review

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Bones Season 12 Episode 3 Quotes

Aubrey: Jessica just thought that maybe it'd be a good idea if I went on a junk food cleanse. It's no big deal.
Booth: Go back to the donuts because that smells like monkey ass.

Aubrey: This is a black kale, chia smoothie.
Booth: Why are you drinking that? Did you lose a bet or something?
Brennan: Do you have an infected lesion?