Colony Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Sublimation

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In the words of Linda Creed, as sung by Whitney Houston, "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way..."

The importance of the children remaining on the world grew on Colony Season 2 Episode 3 as we watched three people without them disappear into a splatter of goo instantaneously.

While Will and Charlie weren't making their escape from outside the wall (that's confusing), Colony was trying to throw us for a loop by making us think about gray areas again. 

Bye Outside World - Colony Season 2 Episode 3

There is nothing more fun than a) having no idea what's going on (as I felt during Colony Season 2 Episode 2) and b) being forced to think of all the available alternatives of any given situation.

Colony truly excels at both. Not only have we been in the dark about the nature of the invaders and their purpose since the story began, as well as many other things regarding the new world order, but they've proven time and again it's not as easy as siding with the Resistance or the Occupation.

I was thinking far too hard about The Greatest Day. 

Have you tried listening to Sister Maddie's perspective? She's been received into The Greatest Day. That is the hugest honor.


It's not a "when" at all, but what they've chosen to call the religion (cult?) based upon all that's occurring around the invasion. As it comes with a lot of perks, it must must be developed hand in hand with the aliens, but how or to what degree is still an unknown.

Commitment - Colony Season 2 Episode 3

Maddie is giving her all to The Greatest Day. She's looking for more worship facilities in the hope that the more they build, the greater their influence. Influence is an odd choice of words when it comes to a religious movement, which is what gives me pause overall.

Yet Katie's friend at the group meeting certainly seemed to be tying what's happening now with what has happened in the past. He even moved her to the point she confided in him that she may have put her ideals before her family, something he considered a sin.

See? Gray areas. 

What's really getting Katie down is she's by herself without word from Will, fighting with Maddie and Jennifer is snooping around.

Meet Me - Colony Season 2 Episode 3

There's no way to know what lies ahead for Will and Homeland Security, but he has a way with people. While it's unlikely he'll be able to calm down new dude Dan, he should be able to temper Jennifer.

Jennifer just wants to save her own ass and her job. That's been the common thread with everyone, on both sides of this entire ordeal. They may come at their decisions on which side to stand differently, but it's very often for the same reasons.

You know, after the arrival, I was horrified by how easily people gave up their freedom - not even a real fight - just to keep some semblance of their normal life. Right now, I'd give you *anything* for one day with my husband and my kids in our old house.


Katie finding common ground with the mindset of those who helped the occupation is really quite a development, even if it only lasts for a moment. 

It's especially important because while Will was outside the wall, his own opinion on fighting back was taking a turn, as well. Katie's motherly instincts are rushing forth while Will is getting his fight back. They're always circling each other, but always together.

Then again, that was before he saw three people blown to bits in front of him. 

It was surprising to see Devon gone so quickly after she had given up so much not only to save her friend and his son, but to try out a different side of this new world.

You collaborate, you die.

Resistance Man

We know that it's not as simple as "You collaborate, you die." We watched Katie, who once believed the very same thing, deliver information to Jennifer in an attempt to ward off being dragged away from her family.

The poor man hoping to join the Red Hats was in line in the hopes of getting more rations for his family. Is it the right thing to do? 

At this point, I don't think either side has the right answer for that question. 

Thinking back to climbing the wall and people going splat, either we're to believe Will is one special dude (which I do not) or that holding and protecting Charlie is what protected him.

I considered that the drones are only letting those they know back over the wall, but it doesn't feel like as good of a story, so I'm standing by the kids theory.

The indoctrination of the children is very important in the long-term survival of whatever is happening. Still, so much doesn't make sense.

Why are kids protected and nurtured inside the wall, but allowed to be used and abused outside the wall? If people are needed to keep the factory running and the supply is diminishing, how will influencing others to join The Greatest Day be of assistance? 

If there were decades in advance of this invasion to start preparing, why not use an already established religion to recruit the members beforehand, or start a cult a little earlier? 

Fight Fight Fight - Colony Season 2 Episode 3

Snyder and Bram being in the labor camp and getting to know each other is an interesting side story, but I'd like to see there be more to it other than Snyder being Snyder and Bram's attempt get back home by emulating his father.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any purpose to the camp other than punishment for misdemeanor type crimes or those who are still useful beyond the hard labor that ends lives at the factory.

Whatever the story is with the girl from The CW shows whose name I still haven't caught, well, I'm not invested.

That's a shame, because Snyder is a boatload of fun, and watching him banter with a Bowman again almost makes the labor camp worth the time spent there.

Daddy's Home - Colony Season 2 Episode 3
Charlie's Home - Colony

For now, the Bowmans have four members back together, and Katie can unpack Gracie's suitcase.

There's little doubt Will will step into the situation with Homeland and attempt to work something out for his wife.

He was very good at what he did and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if his best option is to go back to work for Homeland. Dan the man wants someone other than a former dating database admin on his team. Will's his man.

Will's charming demeanor has worked in the past, and getting on board again under the new boss will probably be his only way to keep his family safe...again.

"Sublimation" was Colony at its best. Action and thought-provoking drama drove the hour as we lost a new character we'd grown to love and a family was reunited. It's easily surpassing the potential shown in Colony Season 1, and reminding us of the heavyweights behind this sophomore series.

What did you think of this one? Are you ready for more gray areas of are you more fond of black and white? Are the children key? Can you believe Devon split like that?

Hit the comments and chat with me!

If you need to catch up, watch Colony online and join the fun.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Have you tried listening to Sister Maddie's perspective? She's been received into The Greatest Day. That is the hugest honor.


You collaborate, you die.

Resistance Man