DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10 Review: The Legion of Doom

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Was it necessary to have a Legion of Doom origin story? Nah.

Although all the bickering between Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk was fun, DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10 was otherwise a waste of time.

The trio went from three enemies, to partners and then a trio (for now), the Legends and Lily learned Stein's daughter was a time aberration and the old bugger finally coughed up what he knew about Eobard Thawne. 

Rip Needs Rescuing - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

An entire hour to achieve those three things wasn't needed. Something tells me, though, that I'll be in the minority.

There were one liners zinging left and right. For a minute there, I thought Darhk's eyeballs would get stuck inside his head his eyerolls were becoming so frequent. Darhk and Merlyn together are like the most succulent ham. 

It may not be in the best condition, but then again, Captain Hunter *is* British.

Darhk [looking at tooth]

The thing is, I only like ham in small doses, and usually don't cook it more than twice a year, tops.

Poor Rip was being tortured and used for various things, all to no avail. When he had his tooth ripped out, it was glowing with the information needed to track down a safe deposit box. 

Gimme - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10

I'm not even sure why Malcolm was sharpening up his knife, but knifes were the theme of the party. It was as if we were watching an episode of Iron Chef and the theme of the event was:

iron chef

Rip Hunter!!

If The Magician himself wasn't able to get memories out of Rip, then we are supposed to assume he's forever Phil, or at least he's Phil until DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 11, when his mind is further scrambled.

Before the Doomers decided they needed Rip to manipulate the Spear of Destiny, Legends of Tomorrow had reached a really comfortable place.

The characters were all working together very well, the stories were entertaining, there some kick-ass fight and adventure scenes and guessing what came next kept us on our toes.

I'm worried with the increased presence of Doom and the plight of Rip that we're dipping our toes into a place where the Legends are forced to follow aberrations created by Doom thrusting Rip into unnatural situations.

Honestly, that's not what I want to see. It's too repetitive and too reminiscent of what happened with Vandal Savage. The way it was previously, checking the machine Nate created for tracking aberrations, allowed for a more surprising reason for the team to be called.

If the team is always called or chasing down Doom and Rip? I'm going to have to pass.

Or, I'm going to want to see more of this, until there is only one, and then the Legends corral him and the Legion of Doom is no more:

Bring Phil to the Knife Fight - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10

What's going to become of Rip? Or Phil? Will his mind be scrambled so mercilessly that he's nobody by the time he's "rescued"? Again. No thanks.

But before we leave Phil's discussion behind, let's reminisce about his laugh out loud moment:

Bank Employee: There you go, Mr. Hunter. Please lean toward the scanner like you would.
Rip: Excuse me?
Bank Employee: The retinal scan.
Rip: Rectal scanner?
Bank Employee: What?

That was good stuff. That whole scene was the best of the hour. The back and forth and the ijits arguing in his ear. 

But still, I'm not ready to toss my hat into the ring for a spinoff series, no matter how hard the notables have tried to make me love these guys. As far as Thawne goes? I'm with Darhk:

Thawne: This is what I get for relying on a washout and a dead man.
Darhk [to Merlyn]: I don't like that guy.

I just don't like the guy. He's a total bore fest. Watching him bully Merlyn and Darhk wasn't even remotely entertaining. The only reason I'm putting up with the LoD is because those two are a part of it, so Clint Eastwood best temper his performance a bit.

I was a bit confused to see all kinds of news hit the twitter stream after the hour aired with pronouncements that we finally learned why Thawne wants the Spear of Destiny (which is true) and the Legends almost guessed, but not quite, etc.

Well, the Legends did guess, and they guessed correctly.

Black Flash - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10

Thawne is trying to get the Spear so he can restore his life by taking away from his ancestor, our Eddie Thawne, his historic act that erased Thawne from existence. 

Death has other ideas, and the Speed Force's reaper, Black Flash wants him back in his rightful place. Wherever that is, I don't care. But he can go. 

Instead, the next poor bastard who opens the bank vault is in for the shock of their life. 

Speaking of shocking, can we please STOP revisiting the same story about Lily every time we run into her? How many times has Stein explained to people what he did to create it? 

He should have told her. Instead she learned from Mick.

Sweetheart, I don't want to rain on your parade, but you're a, oh, how did the professor put it...an abrasion. No, uh, that's not right. Um. An asphyxiation. No, an aber...an aberration! You're a time aberration! You're a time aberration.


Mick, who had grown and developed and become so much more than the pudding brain they all thought him to be, has regressed to a drunk waste of a character with dashes of insight, just enough to anger me and make me wonder why. 


Why have they done this to Mick? Does Dominic Purcell want off of the show? Is he hoping to get a "full-time series regular across all (which means no) shows in the DC universe on The CW) contract like his buddy Wentworth Miller? What's happening?!

I shouldn't blame Purcell, because nobody would want to watch their character's growth circle the drain like Mick's. Watching that has been a complete disappointment.

This season began with him in a really good place, and now he's unrecognizable. "I like beer. Gets me drunk." That's great, but how about another episode, and I mean a real one, in which we dig into his character?

Stop the garbage with Lily and give me some Mick. He's earned his stripes. He spend centuries with the Time Masters. SHOW US that history. FORCE the Legends to take him seriously. 

Bixby Angry

Stop making me angry!

Alright. So that's where I stand, which probably leaves me in the corner all alone. Don't put baby in a corner! 

How about you? Did you love the action between the Doomers? Do you want more of them on Legends or were you enjoying the character development we already had breaking? 

Jump into the comments and let me know what gif you'd choose to get YOUR point across!

If you need to catch up with Mick's downfall or the rise of the Legion of Doom, you can watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online right here via TV Fanatic.

The Legion of Doom Review

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