Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Chapter Fifty-Two

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Welcome back everyone! Despite the seemingly endless madness of the world around us, we can always count on Jane to bring a little warmth and joy into our lives.

On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 8, or alternatively "Jane the Person Who Really Hates Bruce," Jane tried to stop meddling in everyone's business. 

So how did that work out for Jane? Let's discuss!

Looking For Advice - Jane the Virgin

Meddling is nothing new on this show. Any given plot is usually driven by someone meddling. The use of the puppet popping in to remind Jane whenever she was about to get involved in someone else's business was cute, but Mr. Bee wore out his welcome fairly quickly. 

Jane has many terrific qualities, but keeping her opinions to herself has never been her strong suit. That's a lot more realistic though. While it's great to let people make their own choices and go their own way, never sharing what you truly think helps no one. 

Meddling has its time and place, and Michael's career crisis was definitely a situation for Jane to assert her opinion.

The decisions Michael makes regarding his career directly affects Jane and Mateo, so she should definitely feel comfortable talking about it.

Michael: I'm a car guy.
Jane: What's your favorite car?
Michael: The Delorean... Okay I'm not a car guy.

However, Jane's willingness to go along with Michael's less than stellar career paths just shows how much she loves him and wants him to be happy. Still, she should have taken her laughs down a notch when Michael was trying out his stand-up routine for her.

Did anyone else get the feeling that this entire episode was conceived by the writers just so Brett Dier could show off his impressions and silly voices? 

Michael has always been a funny guy, but a career in stand-up is not in the cards. Thankfully he figured out a much better path, law. 

I am all for Michael becoming a lawyer, but the Narrator keeps putting a dark cloud over everything regarding Michael's future. What's up with that? Stop making me think Michael is going to die every season!

Anyway, Jane found Xo's renewed relationship with Bruce a hard pill to swallow. It's understandable considering their past, but they both seem to have grown as people. 

Xo and Ro will always be in my heart, but I actually really like Bruce. He seems like a good guy... at least now that he divorced his wife and seems to truly want to make things work with Xo. 

But my daughter's having a hard time now that I'm with Xo, and I would never put her through this if I didn't think that your mom, and what we have is, is worth it.


We haven't spent much time with Bruce so my opinion might change, but so far he comes across as someone who's a solid man that Xo could have a relationship with. She'll just have to win over his daughter first. 

Rogelio seems to being moving on as well. Well, sort of. There's nothing surprising about Rogelio developing feelings for Darci. He has a big heart and falls in love fairly quickly.

While getting an erection in the midst of a nude scene on set isn't ideal, at least Rogelio had to admit how he felt to Darci. Sadly, she shut him down fast.

If Rogelio wants to have a baby with her, he'll need to put an end to his feelings. Darci doesn't feel anything romantic toward him at all. Their relationship is purely business. We'll see how long that lasts. 

Props to the writers though for giving Xo and Rogelio love interests that are actually people we can get behind. I'm still holding out hope for Jane's parents to reunite, but for now I'm content watching them in their new relationships. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Rafael got confirmation he is not a Solano. This news could change everything considering there is a large fortune at stake. 

Sadly for him, Petra now knows his secret and will definitely use the information to blackmail him in some way. I want to be mad at Petra, and I am, but her anger is justified.

Rogelio: I'm sorry.
Petra: Well I'm not because now I know who you really are and the lengths you'll go to to get what you want. But let me tell you something. You have absolutely no idea the lengths I'll go to.

After everything Petra endured from Anezka, Rafael shouldn't have been playing her. Petra was paranoid, but she wasn't crazy.

Rafael and Vests teamed up behind her back and Rafael used her trauma against her. That is not okay.

What Petra does next is anyone's guess, but I wouldn't want to be in Rafael's shoes right now.

Leftover Thoughts and Questions

  • What is the deal with Catalina? It's hard to tell what the truth is with her. Was that man really her husband she's divorcing? What is the real reason she came to town?
  • What's with all the teenage girls on this show? They all seem like little brats (Bruce's daughter and her friends, Rogelio's ex-step-daughters).
  • Is Anezka gone for good?

So over to you! Should Michael become a lawyer? What will Petra do with Rafael's secret? Are you warming up to Bruce or Darci? What are your predictions for Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 9

Sound off below, and don't forget you catch up on missed episodes anytime when you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic!

Chapter Fifty-Two Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Anezka: Beautiful sister, are you okay?
Petra: No. No I am not okay. You paralyzed me, and now I'm paranoid, and I can't trust anyone, not even myself!

Mr. Bee: I'm with her.
Narrator: I was too. Along with the rest of the popular vote.