MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Large Blade

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We’re used to seeing MacGyver accomplish nearly impossible tasks under pressure, but on MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13, he literally has to capture lightning in a bottle to keep his team alive in the woods north of Kazakhstan.

The Helicopter Crash - MacGyver

The team is tasked with extracting a war criminal, but the smooth escape does not go as planned.

Even though their helicopter gets shot down and there is an armed war criminal on the loose, Jack is more annoyed that he was passed over as Thornton’s replacement at the Phoenix Foundation.

That should be me.

Jack [finding out he didn't get the director position]

Actually, it might be fun to see Jack out of his element in the office, watching the action from satellite feeds and trying to control people in the field like he’s playing chess.

Fun for Jack, but not so much for Riley and Bozer, who sat around making sad faces at a huge screen for the entire episode. Boring!

What is Happening? - MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13

I just kept thinking, “Why is Bozer at the Phoenix Foundation?” “Why did they hire him again?”

Finally he made a phone call to the CIA. Woohoo, great work!

The producers got rid of Thornton, but now Bozer seems to have taken on the role of dead weight.

Say Cheese - MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13

I feel like he could have his own show creating different identities with his masks in order to somehow take down bad guys every week.

I would watch that show; this is not that show.

So let's get back to the star of this show.

No, not that Scottish genius – but Jack, of course! Jack gets all the best lines these days, and I think that's because Mac has started trying to explain most of his MacGyverisms to the other characters.

Fixing the Blade - MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13

In the first part of the season, Mac did more voiceovers while captions helped explain his actions.

I know some in the audience found that approach annoying, but listening to him try to explain thermodynamics tonight at the top of his lungs while wrapping a criminal in a tarp made me yearn for the old MacGyver in more ways than one.

The man did make up for it by drying out a Satellite phone with wood chips, starting a fire with the phone’s battery and then pulling a Ben Franklin in the middle of a storm.

Pilot: What's he doing?
Jack: He's being MacGyver.

Of course in the midst of another near-death experience, Jack realizes that he was not meant to be watching the action from the safety of the Phoenix Foundation..

I'm glad you are going to be watching my back.

Mac [to Jack]

When they return to LA, the team meets their new leader, Matilda Webber (new series regular Meredith Eaton), who Jack refers to as “Matty the Hun.”

She already has more personality in half a scene than Thornton did in 12 episodes. She will probably get along with everyone on the team...except Jack.

Are you guys ready to have some fun?

Matty the Hun

Can’t wait to see those two clash.

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Large Blade Review

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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Pilot: What's he doing?
Jack: He's being MacGyver.

As long as that needle is still out there, I don't care how long it takes.