No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11 Review: No Woman No Cry

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How far does the future go and how much should be planned out?

On No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11, Evie starts to date both Timothy and Xavier, trying to figure out which future she wants for herself in the process.

Meanwhile, Kareema wants to make things right with Rohan before she gets married to Sofia. And the topic of marriage weighs heavily on both Deirdre and Pete, both unsure of their future together.

Emotionally Available - No Tomorrow

I will never not be Team Timothy at this point. 

No matter what, I can't help hoping that they will be together because they keep finding their way back to each other.

This time around, Timothy was more confident, offering a different relationship than Evie remembered but still intense. And he went as far as to demand more for himself, something we haven't actually seen before.

Telling Evie that he's going to wait for the apocalypse not to happen before starting a future with her was a nice move. It let him have more of a say about what would happen in their relationship.

Her judgment is still clouded in a way, because no matter how much she wants to have a plan for the future, she still isn't sure if there is something to look forward to.

Timothy and Evie deserve a chance when the future is bright, and it looks like Xavier might actually get in the middle of that.

Evie: I kissed Timothy.
Xavier: On purpose?

Listen, I don't want to say I called it, but it appears the apocalypse will continue to stir up some stuff. Not only for Xavier and Evie, but for Hank, as well.

Xavier couldn't picture what a future would be like with an actual timeline beyond their impending doom; a sharp contrast to Timothy, who knew beyond a doubt that the future would be there for him and Evie.

No matter what, this apocalypse hangs over everyone's head. Until it actually happens, or doesn't happen, will anyone have any sense of direction beyond that?

Xavier suddenly wants the asteroid not to hit, and that makes sense but also calls into question all his research.

He faithfully stood by all of his calculations, acting very certain there's no way around this. Now he wants the complete opposite, and I don't think that's possible.

Xavier obviously poured all of himself into his research, and if he believed it this much, is there a chance for it to be disproved?

He may want it to be, but he might also have to face the fact that he can't have it both ways. Either his research is off or it isn't, and his future has a different meaning.

It makes sense why he doesn't want to fully accept that idea that this apocalypse isn't happening, especially if he starts wishing for things that won't get a chance to eventually come true.

This bitch is getting hitched.


Meanwhile, Kareema continues to remind me why I love her so much. 

This time, it's with the way she tried to talk to her brother before her wedding. Nothing beats an epic pillow fight, and those siblings did it in style.

I'm even willing to admit that I got all kinds of emotional when Rohan gave Kareema his blessing to get married. He might not have wanted to be there, but there was a promise of a future where things would be better between them.

The wedding was quick but beautiful, because Kareema felt like she could do this now that her brother was once again in her life.

Those matching Deirdre styled pantsuits were a surprising choice for both brides, but they rocked it, and now I want to see Kareema settling into married life. Something tells me nothing about this marriage will be ordinary, 

Now I figure, as long as I have my laptop, I can work from anywhere.


Deirdre came to her senses, once and for all!

This actually went farther than I thought possible for her but at least she made the right choice in the end.

Pete not knowing or wanting to plan their wedding was like that last reminder that they just didn't fit. And the fact that Hank actually helped plan a wedding for a woman he was in love with was kind of heartbreaking.

That, combined with his search for a bunker mate must have set up a pretty stressful week for him.

His definition of a future is probably closer to the type that Xavier had, but it looks like in his case the woman he loves is on board. Deirdre doesn't seem to mind the idea that the world might be ending.

Together these two prove once again why they are the perfect match, and if the apocalypse does hit, I demand a spin off that is all about those two in the bunker.

Side note: Did anyone else love that random moment between Kareema, Evie and Deirdre where they mentioned his bunker list? Because I'm all about that female friendship group.

Oh, I'm going to piano duel for your love.


With a few episodes left before the big conclusion, what are you expecting will happen? Which future do you want for Evie? Do you think Xavier will disprove his apocalypse theory? Will Hank and Deirdre end up sharing that bunker? What was your favorite and least favorite part of the episode?

Let us know below!

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No Woman No Cry Review

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Evie: I kissed Timothy.
Xavier: On purpose?

This bitch is getting hitched.