The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2 Review: 2102

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It's Corinne's world, we just live in it. And beg for roses.

On The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2, the competition for Nick's attention heated up, and it's time to breakdown all three dates.

The Wedding Photo Shoot - The Bachelor

It's only been one night and all of the women are already in love with Nick, so we're right on track. Also, it will never be normal to watch 22 women gush over being interested in the same man.

When Chris Harrison told the group that not all of them were going to have time with Nick this week, their faces dropped like he just told them Nick was terminally ill.

I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I think I’m just a natural born bride.


Most of the women on the first group date, which is wedding themed, have been a bridesmaid or a bride. Nick hasn't been a groom either, but not for a lack of trying (see Bachelorette proposals one and two).

Seeing Alexis outside of her dolphin shark costume is like seeing a teacher outside of school or like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs.

There's nothing more appropriate on a first date than to see what your wedding photos would look like with each other.


The photographer is giving out themed wedding dresses like 80s bride, shotgun bride and the classic Adam and Eve bride. Nothing says true love like a leaf-themed bikini.

Some of the women are bridesmaids instead of brides. It's safe to say they want to (and might) kill the photographer.

Alexis, who didn't know what a shotgun wedding was, is wearing a fake baby bump under her wedding dress. It's unclear if this is an upgrade or not from the shark costume.

I had no idea what a shotgun wedding was. I thought I was going to be like hot and sexy with guns, but no, I'm pregnant.


Corinne said she is going to punch Brittany in the face if she "steals her thunder" and then she comes out topless and looks like a mermaid. That was one way to get her to stop bragging about kissing Nick first.

The wedding photoshoot is hilarious, but quickly turned into everyone just making out with Nick. 

It tastes like Danielle.


Back at the mansion, it's almost creepy how happy Liz is to have a secret about Nick. She can't stop smiling and it's obvious that she can't wait to tell everyone about the wedding she went to.

Corinne is the only woman in the world to be jealous of an Adam and Eve wedding. So jealous that she took her top off too.

We're going to Janet Jackson it.


The photographer gets to pick someone to spend more time with Nick based on who had the most chemistry with him. I have a feeling that ABC might have influenced this one.

The women don't think that Nick would want someone who takes their top off on the first date. They must have missed Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette.

Corinne is already "falling for Nick," so I think it she might need to spend time with the mental health counselor. 

Raven and Nick are bonding over the fact that they have both been cheated on. Good thing this time they are being open and honest about seeing other people.

Corinne stole Nick for the second time before other women had a chance to talk to him, which is like the against the rules of feminism. 

Mean Girls gif

Corinne also told everyone she isn't here to make friends, but I think we already knew that. She is definitely going to go down in history as one of the best Bachelor villains ever.

After Corinne stole Nick for the THIRD time, I've decided she should just DM Chad. She is now crying over Taylor "re-interrupting" her, which just makes her the biggest hypocrite of all time. 

Dad would be proud. Even though I was naked, he would be proud.


She got the group date rose, which should be a surprise to no one who has ever watched an episode of this show.

All of the women are questioning Nick's intentions and if they should have taken their top off to get a rose. Nick might have set a record for making the women question him (instead of just each other) this early in the season. Fourth time can't be the charm if you haven't learned anything, Nick.

If Nick just likes someone who leads with their sexuality, no wonder it's his fourth time."


Danielle M got the first one-on-one date card. They're in a helicopter, but I'm half expecting Corinne to show up.

Instead of explaining to Danielle about his past with Andi and Kaitlyn, he should just play the clips. I'm not trying to make light of her tragic story about her late fiancé, but as we've learned from past seasons, there's nothing like a sad story to make sure you get the rose sitting on the table.

Liz has only told Kristen that she hooked up with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding, but it's hard to believe since it's all she talked about in her confessionals. She's definitely told everyone she knows outside of this show like her mom, her best friend, her dry cleaner, the homeless man who lives on her block... the list is endless.

The second group date is at the "Museum of Broken Relationships." I think this should be the title of Nick's memoir. Corinne's would be "Nick Touched My Boob Today."

The anticipation is pumping through my blood, and I don't think I can breath right now.


The ring Nick gave to Kaitlyn is in the museum, and it made me realize that there could be a museum filled with Neil Lane rings designed for The Bachelor. 

The major activity on this date is role playing a breakup with Nick. I'm worried he will have PTSD, but I'm also not surprised that he is good at being dumped.

Josephine full on slapped Nick, and I would like to thank her for that.

Liz decided to use her platform to tell everyone that she met Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding, and it feels like we're watching a real breakup as she reads from her diary about Nick not "fighting for her." This went from an episode of The Bachelor to an episode of One Tree Hill.

Brooke Wants Lucas To Fight For Her

Jaimi revealed that her ex is a girl, but that was quickly overshadowed by more Liz and Nick drama. She did promise Nick she wouldn't try to date the same girls as him, so their connection is really forming.

Nick thinks that it is sketchy that Liz didn't ask Jade for his number earlier. She says that she doesn't like phone conversations, but I guess conversations on national TV are less awkward.

All of the girls are starting to realize something is up with Liz, but I would be more concerned with all of the uneaten sushi on the table.

Nick decides to send Liz home, and the women are shocked to learn about their past relationship. I've said it once and I'll say it again: did none of these women watch Nick on The Bachelorette?

If you can't wait until next week, you can watch The Bachelor online via TV Fanatic.

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The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 2 Quotes

There's nothing more appropriate on a first date than to see what your wedding photos would look like with each other.


I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I think I’m just a natural born bride.