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Why was Tommy Yates calling Rossi?

That was a key question on Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 9 when it became clear that the serial killer had a new trick up his sleeve and it paved the for Rossi to make a grisly discovery. 

The team decided they needed to do something about Tommy Yates because the victims were piling up and they were no closer to the truth. 

Use the video above to watch Criminal Minds online to get caught up with the latest developments for the characters on this hit CBS drama. 

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 9 Quotes

I used to think they were all monsters too. But they're not. They're just men, and occasionally women. Not to respect the people I hunt would be like a soldier not respecting his enemy, and that mistake costs lives.


Walker: Agent Rossi was a mentor when I was coming up, so I'm happy to be here.
Prentiss: He said you're one of the most naturally gifted profilers he's ever seen.